"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread





that was pretty sick. is that xbl or psn?


this is XBL


Good stuff, i just checked out your youtube channel, nice matches, maybe il make it there one day :wink:


thanks dude appreciate it








im having a hard time getting the .clp into L.punch option select, anyone have any tips. soon as i input the c.lp then input the lunge punch it comes out even on block. i dont no if im doing it to slow or what.


You’re probably doing it too fast, but it could be either way. If you do it too fast, you get it on the cancellable frames of the cr.lk/lp but if you do it too slow, you get it after the cr.x has recovered. You time so that the cr.lp chains into st.lp.

I personally do it by holding downback, doing cr.lk at the same time as a smooth qcf motion with the f input synchronized with cl.lp. Always works fine for me, just make sure it’s not a twitch motion.






Found this at random looking up some 2012 Yun:






It really bothers me you can’t see the health bars in these matches. Tactics change somewhat depending on how much health you/opponent has. But good play anyways.

Playing at a benefit tourney tonight. Should start around 8 (central), at http://www.twitch.tv/210fighters . I’ll mostly be playing Yun and Gen, might get desperate and pull out Bison a few times. I’ll probably upload some of my matches afterwards too.





Believe it or not, I wasn’t dropping my combos in my previous match until I tried those headset adapter. I felt some lag at first, but then I made adjustment as you can see.



Any tips on what I’m doing wrong vs. Guile? I really persisted with Yun past the nerfage, and so far, outside of his command grab, I haven’t really missed any tools they took away. I seem to keep missing the followup to my Ultra 1, though, but that will probably come back to me with time.






Anyone got some recent Kaz videos?