"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread



If you really want to watch Kazunoko, then I would invest in paying/watching Topanga League A Season 2. He’s tied at 1st with Daigo and he’s been playing amazing against all the other players. I hope he takes the whole thing.


Here you can only watch the first hour for free but for those who wanna see Kazunoko you atleast get to see him play as he plays first against Uryo.




do you need an account to watch it? Because I cant seem to watch the first hour.

EDIT: Nvm got it
Incase anyone else watches. Kazunokos match starts at abour 14:56. Just incase you wanted to skip all of the talk.


I still don’t know how to watch, please help me


You need an account with Nico. I made an account then it let me watch it right away.





The first 4 matches are all Yun







Todays topanga was great reccomend watching all of it they go through all Bon Chan, Kazunoko and Fuudo go through all the MU they went through in the topanga league so theres alot Yun strats and anti Yun strats, he also showcases a pretty cool new geneijin ender setup to bait dp from ryu.


Not really a Yun player, just been training mode with him cause I was bored and I have a character crisis, thought I’d check out a few vids lol. Do many people to use the lk dp -> lunge often? Or is that just Poongko?


Yes and it only works if you only get the 2nd hit of the dp to connect.






What he’s doing there is specific to Rose and Viper. Or as was pointed out, if you get only the second hit of the dragon kicks. Combo wise though, Rose and Viper.


Ah I’ve seen you on XBL, in Asia right? I’ve been in Korea for sometime and been getting all that juicy japanese XP but Yuns are pretty much abandoned it seems.






Activate Guile’s theme at 1m24s of this video:



[media=youtube]XoTIeRj3Uoc[/media] first to 5 vs a good sagat. Made alot of mistakes with bad upkicks but pretty decent set.