"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread



Kazunoko playing in the arcade. Footage caught by Evil Elvis:



And i thought the Juri forums were dead. This place makes that forum look like a day one character forum


Infiltration versus a Yun player:



Kazunoko vs. Infiltration! Canada Cup 2012!



Xian versus Kazunoko from the Canada Cup 2012 After Party



Wow no respect!!!


Xian asking himself why he dropped this character in 2012



Wong vs. Kazunoko CC2012


Riceata versus Kazunoko


And a left over from EVO Kazunoko vs. Xiao Hai






Basically the last 10 minu](‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyeBrujWA2Q’)tes are Kaiser dominating team Canada with Yun. Seriously impressive play.


Video is no longer available. :frowning:


Well that sucks. I’m sure it’ll crop up again. It was a pretty class match. Try googling: Whitegun (Ibuki) Vs Kaiser (Yun) double perfect.

Edit: A-HA!



^ Lmao James Chen finally says something right at the end.
Anyone know where Canada 2 vs Koreas match videos are? heard they actually played better in that set, I was still at work at that point and missed it.


Now I know to be on the look out for Kaiser in the future. Here are some matches from some Singapore Ranking Battles




Some Billy Maqiang:








I know kaiser was playing on stream in the v.i.p. room at canada cup not sure if any of that is on youtube though.


Kaiser and Kazunoko both playing against Fuudo at CC2012



Another money match from Canada Cup with Kazunoko:




Taiga @ 0:00


someone should make a list of the troll GJ combos, i only know the shoulder infinite and the upkicks one