"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread



Here is the full set of MCZ.DM Kaiser versus Team Canada 2:



#9 Guy player in Japan versus a Yun player:



Anyone know the reasoning kaiser had for ending his combo’s with lunge punch?


Trolling the pretty unprepared team.





Whew, lots of videos found TODAY!

Latif vs. Hsien Chang starts at 11m of this link


Theoretically for positioning as well, get them into the corner.


I thought that to but at one point he already had yami yumi in the corner but ended the combo with lunge anyway.


ya’ll can tell he was not taking any of those seriously?

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For anyone interested: Yun Player, Kaiser will be on Team Singapore for tomorrow’s 15v15. I’m going to be rooting for my friend on Team HK but watching out for Kaiser as well. Team HK also has a Yun player called Kawing but I’ve never met him or seen him play before.


Could be different wake up game timings off the lunge punch too, IDK


To compliment the video posted a few pages back are character specific meterless U1 set ups from Siitch. I got one you didn’t mention in the video, which I use against Abel a lot:

After command grab, Cr.MP, Cr.MK xx LK DP, U1


Hsien Chang vs An Adon player



Latif, Hsien Change, and Alex Valle in a 3 man lobby:




Hsien making good use of Viper’s hitbox for meterless Ultras. Stream monsters must be incorrect about cross up shoulder being unsafe on block, if it’s at least +3 (imo +4) on hit the worst it can be is -2 (imo -1) on block.

Can anyone test this? I wouldn’t know how to set the training computer to do it, the easiest way would be with two players.


stream monsters are people that doesn’t know how to play the game
just like how most of the people that post in this forum doesn’t even play yun lol


I figured out how to test it today, I was too tired last night to realise that the opponent doesn’t have to jump and Yun’s medium kick does things :stuck_out_tongue:

So sadly I was wrong:
cross up Lp shoulder is +3/-2

I guess I have the timing down to combo afterwards.


so it’s a 1f link huh. so to link into super you have to do something like lp > st.mp > hk xx whatever?


Well, I was fooling around a bit more and found I could hit Rufus with a follow up close strong. Not sure if it’s a case of just his hit stun animation or not but I havn’t lost hope yet. Going to test on more characters tomorrow, and with different jumping hit set ups (Dive Kicks, J. Fierce etc).

Concerning Super, activating Genei Jin off any combo that exceeds 3 hits isn’t going to be worth it. Instead, after cross up shoulder do crouch jab, stand jab, stand strong xx forward/roundhouse upkicks - should be a 6 hit combo, at least 20% in damage and gives you the desired dive kick set up as well.

I havn’t tried hit confirming Genei Jin off cross up shoulder alone yet but I wouldn’t think it would be plausible, you could mise once in a while if you know you’re opponent wont block the shoulder but then you run the risk of the shoulder being blocked and not having any meter left.


yeah that’s what i mean after you confirm super after crossup shoulder. ive done it a few times in matches but st.hk starter failed every time. blocked GJ still leads to a good mix up anyway. either blockstrings mixed in with overheads or st.mp dash cancel command grab or bait dp.