"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread



Yeah I get you now, I’m surprised you say that standing roundhouse isn’t connecting, the frame data shouldn’t change for the shoulder.

In any case, the fastest Genei Jin is like you said to start with standing jab but standing strong is only one frame slower, twice as damaging and combos into xx Palm. I’d give that a try first.


im getting mixed up with the frames lol. i forgot that shoulder xx GJ xx normal was a cancel not a link so i was thinking you needed a 3f move after the crossup shoulder connects to start a combo. i guess messed up the timing the few times i landed it.


[S]PRBalrog [/S]PRYun





Here is footage of another Yun player that we need to keep on our radars named Julio. Here just recently came in 2nd at Hadocon IV. Here are some of his matches, though I wish they’d uploaded his match versus an Adon player just due to the number of Guile’s Theme involved.

Versus Xsk Samurai:


Versus PR [S]Yun[/S] Balrog:


Versus Kineda:


VErsus Crizzle in Loser’s Finals:


And Grand Finals. Fuck Honda:




From DreamHack 2012 Sweden




Um… no… cross up shoulder can be up to +7/+2. You can link a cst.mk after it since the start up is 7. I confirmed it.

It’s usually +5/0 for me during matches. Do you know how to count frames?

Actually, you have a lot of time to confirm it off reaction, since it’s going to be meaty, the lengthened hitstun will make it so that it’ll still connect even if you don’t cancel it immediately.


I’m actually really happy you replied because it was beginning to seem to me that no one uses this forum.

Firstly yes! You can get +7/+2, If you hit on the last active frame of the shoulder. I was unable to replicate the set up. As you can understand mate there is no consistent positive or negative frame count. It’s all based on the set up. What I posted was the most consistent result I had which produced the most plausible scenarios by being SRK safe and capable of combo into BnB.

I do realise the possibilities of meaty frame advantage however the set ups Hsien Chang uses (the standard ones) almost always produce a result of +3/-2 or thereabouts. You notice the frame differences? If he was hitting 2 frames later he’d be getting your result of +5/+0, 2 more frames after that and he’s be hitting on the last active frame.

Yes, I know how to count frames.

As for Super cancel off a cross up shoulder, all good - like I said I havn’t tried and I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a good Yun put it to practical use.


lol I love how you tried to flip the script and frame me into the one that doesn’t understand the workings of frame, very funny. I suppose if it makes you feel good to repeat what i already obviously know then by all means ^.^;; Should be educational for other players.


Bro, I’m not trying to flip anything on you. You asked if I knew how to count frames, how was supposed to prove it to you? Just say “yes I know” and not provide any evidence?

Did you honestly feel I was trying to belittle you? Look I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention. The main part of my last reply was about cross up shoulder being set up specific. There was no point posting that you know how to count frames if you had realised it was set up specific, which you clearly did.

I’m just trying to help, explore the character and get healthy discussions started. I don’t understand the attitude.


Missed the big 5 on 5 japan tourny any kaz footage on YouTube





Is this safe jump (dash>cr.hp) new? never seen it used before.


No it’s not new. Look up canada cup 2011 Kaz vs Leslie grand final. Do note that it’s only safe if you don’t hit a button.











I found another unblockable on guile after a throw in the corner, this one is easier though
also I thought this was pretty funny