"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread




Ehh, I was saving this to use in a tournament, but I never got the chance to pick Yun. (since he is not my main)
Might as well give this to you guys so you can use.

Yes, this is version AE2012. Also works on Balrog and DeeJay.



dunno if its been posted before but I just picked up yun and was messing around in training mode,

wheres the insert vid button…



Kazunoko vs. Gamerbee FT5 @ Godsgarden



More Yun from Black Vegeta:


Final Videos:


Sakonoko Yun 1:36~


that overhead was gross. stealing…




I have posted the unblockable under my account.


Kaiser, you’re a homie man.



Go to about 6:27:00 mark. It’s my Yun vs my friend’s Hawk, Sak, and Rose.

I’m gonna try and post more too overall to help aid the progression of this character.


I’m also going to try and start recording/posting stuff up. Yun threads have been pretty dead for the last couple months.


I might make a video version of my guide soon but it’ll be after Evo.


Topanga.TV tourney mode online stuff for the 100th episode.

Taiga, I think Score(looks like his costume at least, maybe not him), and Fenrir(FenTamu) play in this.

Also, at the end Mago plays vs. a Yun.


Kachitagari TV from June 18.

Kazunoko vs. Kog(Hawk), giveJin(Yun), Ace(Guile), and Inco(Rufus)


An Endless set of Sako(Gen, Cammy) vs. Strengthens(Yun, Akuma) from June 25th.

Timestamps have been added to skip to the Yun matches.