"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread




Kachitagari TV #55

Kazunoko(Yun) vs. Kog(Hawk), kim310(Boxer), Ginetta(Dictator)[New xup shoulder setup in the Ginetta match]
Nemo(Yang) vs. talkbow(Yun)

Timestamps are in the description.

Kazunoko(Yun) vs. Itabashi Zangief(Gief)

Kazunoko(Yun) vs. Poongko(Seth)


Kazunoko(Yun) vs. HJMxp(Dudley)

Kazunoko(Yun) vs. Poongko(Seth) FT10

Kazunoko Live #13


Jabaeman(Yun) vs. Infiltration(Ryu)

From Evo Pools I think.

Kazunoko(Yun) vs KichiyojiKEN(Ken)

The guy in the second vid who recorded this is a German Yun player, so check his channel for some footage as well.


TBR The Last Dragon(Guy) vs. joyfull78(Yun)

joyfull78 and myself live in the same state, but he usually doesn’t get to come out to tournaments because of school. Give him a look.


I’ve been following joyful on XBL for quite some time and he’s really solid. Worth watching!


Kazunoko(Yun) vs Tsuna(Juri)

I believe the channel that I got that joyful match from has a lot more ft5’s from him as well.


Kazunoko Live #14

2:38 vs Tarou(Boxer)
10:44 vs HJMxp(Dudley)[2 matches]
17:17 vs inaba360(Seth)
22:02 vs HJMxp(Dudley)[plays again at 27:45, 38:13, 54:09, 1:02:57, 1:08:06]
45:01 vs Tsuna(Juri)[3 matches]
1:12:11 vs soregashi yan(Rufus)


Hsien Chang(Yun) vs Itazan(Gief)


Arubi 1988(Yun) vs. Beserk Tyrant(Ken), ippis(Dudley)[1 match]


Sako(Evil Ryu) vs. Fenrir(Yun)[you guys know him as FenTamu]

I believe Fenrir is commentating his matches too, so if you know Japanese you can probably get some insight as to how he plays.


Bonchan(Sagat) vs. Kazunoko(Yun)[plays Seth for a few sets as well]

Bonchan(Yun) vs. Various. He plays Sagat some in the second video.


Here’s me vs. my friend’s Gief.

I got another set vs. a Chun coming up if the uploader acts right.



FenTamu(Yun) vs. Moffu(Boxer}, bikoan(Seth), xAPO20x(Dudley)

FenTamu(Yun) vs. YHCMochi(Sim)


Kazunoko(Yun) vs. Momochi(Ken) FT5


Kazunoko(Yun) vs. Super Santaroman(Sagat)


What do you guys think of this option select by FenTamu’s Yun?



FenTamu(Yun) vs. Juso(Sak) ft15