"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread



Go Super Saiyan Command throw lmao. ok I need to stop these lab stuffs


I just learned this last night. I’ll give that a look and see about some setups lol.

Is this the same TKD that posts in these forums? Anyone know?

EDIT, seems this is a name of a team. Hmmm.


does anyone understand the input about kara grab ?



you can also double hcb instead of dp into hcb


Credits to Hsien Chang


Good lookin. TKD is just a weekly training group name. That video is of my homie’s Yun. He’s usually not that random/hasty but has been spending more time playing marvel than sf in general. He should’ve never lost to that ibuki.


Thank you for sharing the kara cmb grab. It’s very useful.
I had did a few test and conclusions, kara lp shoulder to lk cmb grab has the longest range without meter.
Kara lp shoulder to ex cmb grab can reach further if we includes meter due to the extra range ex cmb grab has.
Kara Ex shoulder to any cmb grab is either the same as lp shoulder or shorter so it’s kind of pointless.
Lastly I managed to found a shortcut for kara shoulder to cmb grab. The inputs is simply 316 plink lp with lk. Had also uploaded 2 vids of me doing the kara.

Just to add that genei jin kara mp shoulder to cmb grab is also very far.

I have also discovered some glitch/bug on yun’s GJ but yet to post them


As am no a Yun player (just a lab monster) I couldn’t have known those. Good stuff


ty based kaiser, gonna have to try that shortcut out later


Which glitch? I know of 2 with geneijin. That modern capcom coding…


Me vs Ricky Ortiz

If anyone has troubles with Rufus, this video could shed some insight on how to win the match up.

One of the things i tried to look out for was making sure i punished every blocked stand fierce from rufus w/short upkicks and it worked pretty well.



That was incredibly convincing, good job! I really like your style. :smiley: You were missing the combo after zempo tenshin a lot though x_x


What is the setup you use in the corner at ~1ish minute after the ultra?

jf late fierce punch, whiff launcher jf light dive kick?

I really enjoy your play style


it’s a fake cross up on a lot of characters, im pretty sure it is a fake cross up as well on rufus, ricky just knew which way to block.


Got a teaser up for the Genei series. If the link doesn’t work then I’ll edit it tomorrow.


holy fucking shit this is genius


Yeah I wanted to throw something up because I went to one of the local bars last night and they were playing SC5 casuals in there.

As I make the vids, I’ll make a playlist. During the series I will compare the different parts of the strongest routes to today’s routes. The goal for me was to find a consistent way to use all the time while getting the most damage in.


Got the midscreen lp shoulder confirm and two easy palm examples up. I’ll be making another vid regarding palms soon with advanced routes.


Starting the comparisons so that it is easy to understand how to get the most out of your routes.

The first vid compares four normals and how those affect the damage in Genei from the lowest(50) to the highest(70).

The second vid tackles after activation comparing st. hk xx lp lunge and using mp shoulder. From the full first route to the full second route, there is a 14 point damage swing because of better scaling.

I’ll be covering corner comparisons and the importance of kara palms in the next segments.