"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread



I don’t have the ability to record but if someone could that would be great.

Close St. MP > L Shoulder > Genei-Jin > St. Hk > H Upkicks > Cr. Hp > H Upkicks > Cr. Hp x2 H Upkicks. It does about 478 on a full health Ryu.


That one is daigo combo just look up for daigo yun in youtube.
I have a corner 5xx Gj combo (st mp, lp shoulder, GJ, mp shoulder, palm x2, hp lunge, palm x2, overhead, palm, hp lunge, hk upkick.) I didnt post this due to it only works on certain characters and in USF GJ is actually shorter duration and the properties of certain moves during GJ has been changed so some old GJ combos doesnt work anymore.


It’s shorter?.. sighhhh lol


What the …


I know that’s the Daigo Yun combo but I don’t think he does two crouch Hp’s > H Upkicks before genei-jin time runs out allowing you to maximize your damage.

Also I came up with this one based of that combo I previously posted. Corner Only.

Close St. MP > L Shoulder > Genei-Jin > Ultra > H Upkicks( You have to connect both hits of the Upkicks for the combo to work) > Cr. Hp > H Upkicks > Cr. Mp > H Upkicks.


Well, time to go back to third strike…


Been awhile since anybody’s posted videos. I’ll go ahead and put these here, in case somebody hasn’t gotten their Yun fix from various top players streams etc… just some PSN endless lobby with my Yun. I use other characters, just started Yun a few months ago.


Hey guys, I’ve been playing a lot of Yun in the past month, and I’ve been uploading matches when I can. I would like to share with you some of my matches with you guys. There’s a lot of matches starting from the summer of 2012 with other characters, and you are certainly free to watch them as well.

Here’s my channel: http://www.youtube.com/co81385

And here’s a little sample:
vs. E.Honda:

vs. Guile:

vs. Sakura:

I hope you guys enjoy!


Thanx for the vid,i like it :slight_smile:


Does anyone have any footages of Daigo playing Yun in arcades after AE 2012?? :-/


I had an old link to him playing Yun in 2012 a couple times in arcades. I’ll try and find it. He’s still one of the few Yun’s that uses the TC for safe shoulder pressure on a consistent basis.


Ya,and sometimes Momochi also used it… Thanx for the help…u can notify me here if u get …ok



Red Focus usage from Yun and…GIEF? the damage is real I can’t wait to see how much stun it does in training mode XD.http://youtu.be/8BPGdj4BA4o


I did the math a while ago, and it does 725 from a far MP or 745 from a low forward. Damage should be 421, basically only a tiny bit less than what you would normally get from Super. Imagine starting off a round with that combo, after landing that you’d only be one right guess away from a stun.


Red focus will surely be a great tool but imagine how much fun characters will having using it against yun… shudders
I wish they gave him a tiny bit more health or even just stun to compensate. Surely characters like Akuma and Sagat will be able to remove half of yuns life and stun him from like one red focus combo and a poke? :frowning:


That isn’t even specific to yun. The majority of the cast will be able to do this with 3 meters to practically any other character.





Sweet, thanks for the vids. I’ve been trying to find some ultra footage of kazunoko


I know, but characters like yun get it worse though due to below average health and stun.