"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread



How would Akuma or Sagat land their red focus combo though? For Akuma his best move into red focus is close fierce, for Sagat his best is the first hit of tiger knee. These moves are not good for fishing for EX red focus. Yun is a different story though, he can use far MP or cr. MK into shoulder safely and do it over and over until it hits or he dies. But if he confirms it he’s practically guaranteed 400+ damage either with another EX meter or either of his Ultras.

That’s what separates Yun and a few characters from everybody else. They can utilize the mechanic easily because they have a multi hit long range confirm from neutral that’s safe on block and doesn’t knockdown while most characters have to get in very close. Certain characters like Yun, Viper, Geif, Oni, and maybe others like Evil Ryu or Yang will utilize EX red focus really effectively and at different ranges while most of the cast will only use it from a very upclose confirm or as a punish.


Yun can do nothing but good from having red focus as a tool to fish/confirm into a counter hit/combo.His light shoulder attack is not safe outside of his target combo 5.Thats the only thing I will not agree to. http://youtu.be/xDMVkMekcik


Yeah I know about focusing it, I should have specified. I meant to say it’s safe on block, well for the most part anyways. Only a couple of 3f normals and supers can catch it. Outside of that he’s fine unless his opponents prove to him that they can consistently focus the shoulder.


Don’t even need to be focusing through it. Once your opponent knows you’re trying to do it then they can play around it and start baiting/whiff punishing st.mp all day. It’s decent but you can’t spam it in a match looking for confirms unless your opponent is terrible/doesn’t know the yun matchup.


footages of me playing ultra and fighting hugo for the first time


More Kara goodness for Yun


i like how you layered 2 different vids together to see the difference between regular and kara command grab, good stuff sir!


almost as long as Ken kara. I was thinking in theory should work for Kara up kicks.


Momochi vs Kindevu Matches:



Good lord. That meaty overhead setup is disgusting. Very nice.


Some not-so-useful-but-useable-stuff here


here is the video

Is this the same range as the Desk kara palm


messing around with the OS slide, I hate this matchup


Cool matches, not to tell you your business because I know in the heat of the moment things are different but he was getting away with a lot of unsafe divekicks.
Also, jabs are a good way of limiting his ability to spam divekicks. It seemed as if you were letting him divekick for free a lot of the time. Jabs beat out divekicks rather convincingly and it’s not that hard to time. You made use of this pretty well at the start of the second round in the 4th video down but you seemed to give up on it even though it worked.

Again, I don’t mean to sound condescending or anything because you have much, much more bison knowledge than me but they’re just some things I was noticing. Thanks for the videos.


Well played… Few things I noticed. Again from a yun POV.

No backdashes or teleports on wakeup, the yun didnt even OS lunge even though he started strings with clk slp. So it would have been an escape from pressure until he dealt with it.

S.hk wasnt used as much as I thought it should be vs Yun. From my experience that move forces me to play correct footsies.

The yun got to play very autopilot vs you in general.


I did a quick analysis of the dash foward red focus combos in the corner.

Seems like if you are in a pinch for a comeback, the second combo may get you the pixels of life/meter you need to complete it. At least it is something to consider.


Luffy vs Cuongster FT10


Found this in 2012 still works in ultra


All 22 colors of his new costume