"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread



Currently uploading 6 USF4 pc online matches with yun.
Here is the first few. Make sure to subscribe !


Infiltration - Fentamu

“stole” the link from the stream commentary thread…


Works with Personal Action #10 + Summer Vacation DLC pack.
This is the 360 Version of the game, I have not tested this out on other versions or other characters.

The EX lunge into Ultra 1 works Dhalsim, Poison, Rose, Deejay, Cammy, Balrog, probably missing another…

The new target combo makes your LP shoulders safe by making them a safe block string from a far distance. THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT.

You can use the parry on wake up and on jump ins and whatever you want to, be creative.


I know I don’t post many videos or if there are even many of me online lol but:-

Me vs Luffy

Me vs Valmaster

Just some Rose and Chun play for you guys and girls to sink your teeth into.


KCMO has uploaded a bunch of vids from Meltdown sessions actually -


Lol bare undercover videos I didn’t even know about.

Anyhow for this year as I’m attending the majority if not all of the EU CPT events, I’ll be uploading videos to my YouTube channel

Me vs Tonpy

Me vs Poongko (1st Set)


It’s a shame I can’t make Hypespotting now, or I’d be getting those vids IRL


You probably have a good reason for missing it but that’s a damn shame.
I’ll record all ‘notable’ matches.


^ bare unblockable family tings.

RMZ will probably be on this at some point for anybody else reading!


Sorry #YunArmy my phone was low battery entire CPT event lol stunfest and my next few tournament I’ll upload some goodies for the team


Some goodies for #YunArmy, I now have a portable charger so more handy cam MM’s and goodness soon come, my runback against Luffy after tourney wasn’t on the capture card :frowning:
Current record is like 1 win 5 losses vs him.

Next CPT event next month Bonchan, Tokido, Problem X, Luffy etc. are attending too, looking for some serious levelling up after that


If anyone is interested, here’s a stream from Laguna Hills Mall for their Oomba weekly Thursday tournaments. I play from the losers bracket side all the way up to grand finals in this archive.

Start at 1:40:40, and copy this after the channel name in your address bar, since apparently SRK’s link handling isn’t all that great… b/650824613



Omgawd I love infiltration!!