Video 94 results 2/8


Winner: AfroLegends
Second: Caesar
Third: SweetJV
Fourth: The Grinch

SF4 was canceled midway because one of the machines malfunctioned.


Well this might the official one or not, b/c there are way too many shout-outs for me to say for this one and I’m a lazy bastard soooo… GGs to all people that I played and Good seeing everyone and I mean EVERYONE there! Sucked that it had to be this way :V but oh well…UNTIL THE NEXT TIME!

ggs to the people I played, pretty packed today. Is there a full tournament bracket available? You guys were really cussing loudly with little kids in the store! lol

btw I’ll have at least the finals available tomorrow morning. I got a lot of STHD matches.


so shout outs:

Oliver - oh man you are fucking beastly! im glad i was able to team up with you. too nice and too good.

Bebop - gg’s man, damn you are good at stackers hah. i got snack on snacks!

bryant - always good to see you and thanks for some tips

tatsu - man watching you is so entertaining. keep beasting with vega

jack - it was cool to meet you again, definitely need to get some games in sometime!

kai - sup?!? haha j/k gg’s man! its been awhile heh.

sanchez - oh man you have no idea how much i wanted to do my finisher combo on you! haha. next time…

ron - to bad we didnt get any games in. maybe next time at ai :stuck_out_tongue: oh and it was nice talking to you while eating pizza at pizza supreme! :slight_smile:

seriously im not gonna name anymore since the list would be to big. thanks to everyone who helped run it. my first time at vid and i must say it was pretty cool but i am not used to the sticks/buttons so hopefully i will stop by sometime and get some games in with you guys. i really hoped to get some games in with some peeps like ron,edma, and pretty much everyone hah. anyways i hope to see all of you soon! definitely love chillin with you guys

Dang, that sucks that the one of the machines malfunctioned (Assuming the right side machine again).

It’s actually The Greench. :wonder:

Great tourny, had a shitload of fun. Thanks to all who worked towards putting it together! :tup:

ya the machine fucked up during the first match and it took forever to get it back up then it froze again. thats when we decided that we were done with the tourny

ggs to everyone i played in SFIV and Tekken 6, i was the dhalsim player with the black jacket with dragons and crap on it lol. still got dominated though, but not as bad.

Damn that sux with the Arcade machines, kinda saw that one coming, good thing i went to AI after my team go eliminated lol

Congratz to those who placed in HD

it was fun while it worked, other than being way too crowded to see anything. are you going to upload any of the matches that u recorded busta?

yay Cesar :clapdos::lovin::clapdos:

this was supposed to be on the DL!!! :mad:


good shit to everyone for being patient and to all the STHD players for coming out and helping with the set ups.

Lessons shoo has learned

Im never running a vid94 tournament

STHD needs its own tournament date.

haha gg’s to everyone sucks that i got ceasar as my first match lol that chun is so sick!

1 word: ugh…

My apologies go out to everyone who came for SF4. I knew the machine already had an issue, but I was hoping that it would only freeze once and we could get the issue corrected immediately. Unfortunately, those who were there know what happened. After I refunded everyone their money who was still in (plus losing an additional unnamed amount for the generous donations, as promised) the machine ended up working again, but eventually froze once again during casuals. If Dave doesn’t get this issue fixed, I will not hold anymore tournaments at Vid. Unfortunate, since vid is one of the greatest locations ever to hold a tournament (1, no more of this double tournament stuff, ugh). :\

Again, my apologies to everyone. The next one will definitely be better, PROMISE!

Ya, it’s really great to see so many people coming out for HD Remix! We gotta do more of these.

  • A big thanks to Shoo and Dae for organizing and running this!

  • Much respect to Afro Legends and Cesar for pounding me into the ground. You guys are too good! :looney:

  • Good games to everyone I played against! :china:

  • Good times to everyone I hung out and chatted with about HD, ST, and old-school arcade days :lovin:

  • Special Props Turbo Edition to DGV for coming out just to watch the rest of the HDR tourney. :tup:

Meh, we still had a decent time just being people.

GGs for the few we played. Beerstation was good. GGs at AI.

:smiley: np man always a pleasure beating you up!!! j/k its awesome you and pete always show up man thanks for keeping this scene alive HD!!!

Pherai!!! hi

DGV man it was nice see you guys again always coo to talk to you guys

Shoo thanks for ST and yea lets try and organize something in the future

Dae!!! thanks for running SF4 woot we won a match im soo stooked lol

afro dude thanks for showing up always nice getting my ass handed too expecially when you come back from losers to kick my ass 6 straight… in grand finals :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways GG’s to everyone there

Good shit Greench, buddy!!! PSN :thumbs:

Reppin’ dat PSN playabase. :wink:

GGs to everyone. :smile:
SweetJohnnyV you’re a beast with that dhalsim. Also many thanks for letting me use your virtua stick. :bgrin:
AfroLegends thanks for the Boxer tips, my hand isn’t so cramped anymore when charging the kicks. Also lets play some GGPO sometime. :tup:
Shoo great tourney too bad you and Dae got stuck in that corner. :rofl:
Sanchez, Adam, Ivan, Ron, and Kai, its good to see the AI crew again.

Btw, who has the full results?