Video 94: The "G" Spot

Video 94
19050 La Puente Rd
West Covina, CA 91792
(626) 854-1145

Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, MvC2. $.25 cents a game. Legitimate.

This place needs its own thread. I feel awkward posting in the AI thread about Vid, so here we go. Discuss!

I will be heading down there this evening to get some more practice in.

Played there today. A quarter a game rocks. Great croud, friendly environment. Korean stick are kinda ugly, and some of the buttons are mix and match, but still a pretty cool place.

john rog is too good imo

dude is SERIOUS

lol this place was never supposed to have its own thread =[

delete this thread now.

nah its here now…here forever

can i rent filipino porno?

u can rent whatever kind of porn you want. and if they don’t have it, they’ll shoot one on site

There is even an employees recommended porno pick shelf.

Anybody know the store hours for Video 94??

all day, all night, i just got back from there

i though this was only discussed in the super thread?

where the hell is the porn section is it that area with the brown blanket?
does anyone know if the pipes they sell are good? they’re fucking cheap as hell.

coming tomorrow+friday morning/noonish
learning bison

Is stackerz working yet? That thing ate my dollar! I want that PS3! Oh I’m the guy who plays blanka and chun li.

Hood rep is done. V94 was supposed to be the underground, the streets. Now, it’s an overused, out of prime, saggy tit’d, three legged hoe.

Just so happens that I like overused, out of prime, saggy tit’d, three legged hoes so this is okay.

Happy new year everyone. See you guys in '09. Tonight, I lose some brain cells. :woot:

vid94 too serious!

happy new years, why the fuck did i spend my new years at vid94? fuck my life

because you’re mike ross.

i’m so god damned tired right now. just finally got home, ugh.

lol… video 94. aka the birthplace of mike ross.

/wrist TOP 1 DOA

ggs to kurt and ryan sorry i had to bounce had to pick up some christmas spirit