Video 94's Video Battle Opera aka The Valle Concept Matches

25 people entered
i would have names but i left my notebook at Video 94
5 teams of 5
1st place - Team Calipower
Valle - Bebop - Indian Ryu - Vic The Prick - Sherryjenix
2nd place - Team WhiffleBallBMX
SHGL - UTJ - Armando - ? ? ?
tied for last
Team Stacked
Team Combojack
Team Jaha

MVP of the night - Alex Valle
Valle as the anchor of his team and facing the possiblity of elimination,MOWS DOWN Team Stacked (Ironfist - Tatsu - Kai - Keno - Moval) in dramatic fashion for the reverse OCV win. Every match was a slaughter outside of Valle Vs Tatsu. Valle vs Tatsu went down to final round with both having under 10% of life left. Tatsu took Valle to the limit, but alas the Tragic Hero once again was laid to rest. Valle old school’s Ironfist’s Sagat. Valle throws Keno out of his comfort zone and PERFECTS Moval and Kai in convincing fashion.YOU JUST DONT KNOW AND YOU HAD TO BE THERE!!!

Honorable Mentions
Tatsu - Armando - SeedyROM - Vic The Slick - Indian Ryu

quote of the night “Maybe youd win if you actually LIKED THE GAME” (attributed to Jaha as he heckled Raymond “Kai” Tang as he was getting perfected by Alex Valle)

till next time folks
great turn out
thanks to all who came
not bad
finished in about 2 hrs
single elims should be the standard IMO

next VBO will be word of mouth
single elim
entry fee is upped to 5 bucks
stay saucy
happy bday Bryant

we need battle operas in San Diego IMO

I fucked up so hard at this. Fun as fuck though.

Wow beasts. Any videos? What’s up Bebop?!

Oh we keepin it purple <3
Damnit to the only two people who beat me Tatsu & Jack ahhhh~~~!

Fix that fierce punch.

ggs everyone!

shglbmx, utj, armando, paul94, and shiningsoul (marcus).

What’s hood mang? Now you all know what the “V” stands for in “OCV” :rofl:

No vids though :sad:

Good job to my team: Sherryjennix, Ume Shizzle, Vicsta the Slicksta, and OCValle.

Good shit to Jaha for probably the funniest line in trash-talking I’ve heard in a minute. :rofl:

Thanks Christian for putting this together.

P.S. Mark was dressed to kill… Literrally!

Sad that I couldn’t make :frowning:

I’ll make it the to next one! I’LL TRY!

big thanks to shgl and bebop
let me know what day u guys can make it down for a sf4 session
you too raymond and crew

yess thank you christian for running the tournament!

and i wanna thank valle for taking me into the team xD
team calipower ftw!

convincing fashion IMHO

Oh we got covincation for days ~

Yes I know covincation is not a word, its convincement now fuck off =\ ~

before i forget
thanks to cicada for bringing the laptop - dragonite for cutting the numbers - armando for the hat to draw out of!

few vids from that night

Keno vs Valle:

Grand Finals:

Had a great time! Thanks again for the shout out Christian.

Am I not seeing it or is there no vid of Bebop vs Valle?

They were on the same team