Video 94's Video Battle Opera the return of Markay 8/24/09


tentative schedule
2 dollar entry
single elim
no switching characters
1 match/best out of 3 rounds

capped at discretion of me and Moval


I want to play too. :bgrin:


teams ?


what time u guys gonna show up?


kevin - singles OR teams …depends

paul - should be there around 9pm


single elim? boooo!!! haha i need chances to redeem myself!


Kevin be on my team.

You can be Sagat.


Never been to Vid94. This gives me a great excuse, ahem, reason.


I’m down for teams, I might swing by~


Will try to make it! It’s been too long since a VBO…


christian, if it’s teams, let’s team up

our team name can be ‘the great depression’


You know i be there.


it will be either
singles or teams
i will decide when we get there
who knows how to run brackets???




If I go, I can help run them or set it up.


oh we in there.


Make it teams 2v2 plz. Thanks :bgrin:


will there be a live streamed for this tourney?


fuckers make it at 10 so i can go after work


Bring your A game kids! =)