Video Adapter Advice


I’m trying to find the best way to hook my computer up to my TV. I have a MacBook with a mini-DVI port and a 50" Samsung DLP. Would it be better to use a mini-DVI to HDMI or a mini-DVI to VGA? If the picture is the same for both, does one cause lag that the other doesn’t? Thanks in advance!


If your TV supports both HDMI and VGA, and you are unaware of any downsides to using VGA, I would just go with HDMI. The picture would probably be a bit better.


in my method, i use mini-DVI to DVI adapter…
so i can use both DVI and HDMI to connect display device, because i believe digital signal may better than analog signal


depending on the post-processing of your set works HDMI would probably be best because it won’t have to convert the signal back to digital whether there is a visual difference or not search the AVS forums on your set and see if latency tests are there


Get a DVI to HDMI adapter. (audio won’t pass thru though)


2nding dvi.

HDMI is always digital.
DVI is sometimes digital.
VGA is always analog.

You might as well roll the dice and try for digital.


You have a White Plastic Macbook right?

Because the new metal ones do not have mini-DVI they have mini-Display port.


Thanks for all the advice so far. Yes, I do have the plastic MacBook. Sounds like I’m going to go with HDMI. Next stop, monoprice! :slight_smile: