Video analysis, I need help :)

Hey, Ive never seen myself playing on youtube or whatever before, but this dude wanted to record it. I lost… 5 times XD I played well… kind of passive because Im scared of srk xD but watching myself played made me realise my flaws and what I should improve on.

I saw that:

  • I backdash to much in bad situations
  • bad at punishing
  • should mix it up more on wakeups
  • need better aa

Anyways, thats just some things, but if any of you are bored :slight_smile: and want to help me, I would appreciate it if you watched my games (or just one) and gave me some feedback. (note: I had bad execution alot of times xD more then normally, getting crane and crane by accident)

[media=youtube]mDV2YC9CeHg&feature=related[/media] PART 1

[media=youtube]FJ1aEUgE2es&feature=related[/media] PART 2

[media=youtube]0P50-OBrUbI&feature=related[/media] PART 3

[media=youtube]f3rPQONwDiw&feature=related[/media] PART 4

Not the best quality, and maybe lame because I was passive, but Im scared of teh SRK :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just watched the first video and you executions are not bad, probably because of the internet and lag and whatnot

Uhmm… in my opinion so far, yes you do need better AA, c.hp in mantis is always good, usually doesn’t trade with much but you should get that down, I don’t like the for crane because the timing is more strict and if you do it too early or too late it get’s stuffed.

Another thing I want to point out is, please please when you cross your opponent up with in crane stance, please do s.lp and THEN, I’ve mentioned this a couple times to some people that it’s soooo unsafe when you just do > someone told me you’re at negative frames or something, anyway so please do > s.lp >, that way you might not even do if they block the other two

OH! When he’s just sitting there waiting for your jump ins and buffering his shoryu, poke him with your > hands, and don’t get impatient, playing against shotos is soooo hard because they can be played in so many ways and different styles

I also suggest using crane ultra more sine its an AA ultra,you had many good chances to use it but didn’t.

Thanks alot :slight_smile: easier for others to point out my flaws, will experiment with crane ultra, always had problem with aa with gen, except with gekiro, but its often not reliable against things like tetsu as the can fly by many times. Ill have to work on c.hp xD I find the timing really weird, dont really know when and how to use it. Ye, know about crane cross up is EASILY punishable, but never thought of doing it that way, im not to familiar with gens jabs :slight_smile: usually just focus it, but can still be punished, and its kinda wasting meter. Will take all your tips and concentrate on that in my games now :slight_smile: I might put up more vids later (not right away obviously, but when ive gotten somewhat better and need pro tips :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks for taking the time to watch :slight_smile:

only real suggestion is to not use his alternate costume lol

Also know what characters you can link ur bnb with. Ken, Ryu, Honda, Sakura, are tough to connect the second mk hands on so I mostly just do strong, forward full fists against those characters.

I like the alternative costume XD I just like it for seeing when im in crane or mantis by the face color :slight_smile: not that I find it hard to spot it without… :stuck_out_tongue: its just that ive gotten used to it :stuck_out_tongue: ye, im aware of the difficulty on the chars for mk hands, I still try tho, because it is possible and I want all the practice I can get, its just alot harder. I saw the list of difficulty this one, on one of the other threads.

Ive taken all your tips and learned ALOT from it, my AA def is alot better with both the c.hp and ultra/super. so cheers for that :slight_smile: Im attending a tourney with 40 players the 20th, depending on how far I get there will be livestream/recorded. Im not expecting you guys to watch the live stream xD (im in norway, it would be around 10 am ish for u guys assuming u are from the US) but Ill post the new vids here for more critique :slight_smile: