Video Analysis Micromarket

Because fighting games are often so complex, it’s easy to get sidetracked and lose focus when trying to get more wins than loses-- even when you are getting hit by the same single attack over and over. It’s at these times that you’ve just got to take that mental step back and consider it from a purely strategic standpoint. The bottleneck to whatever new strategy you come up with is ultimately limited by Execution, of course, but the point here is, what you would think should be glaringly obvious to you is just not so easy to see. It may very well be obvious to those observing, since they don’t have to worry about your own Execution and can focus solely on your strategy. (This might explain why some people prefer “coaches” by their side in tournaments? Or why AfroCole needed to be told out loud to, “push some buttons!”?)

The game itself ought to be able to tell you this information, and could present it very easily when you need to see it- but none do, at least none that I’m aware of. An in-game feature could tally up each instance of the following ways you got hit during a set of games (vs. another human player, not single player), and display them in order from most frequent to least:

-(Number of times you got hit while) Starting your move
-doing your move (red boxes phase)
-recovering from your move
-in-air; landing on the way down
-in-air, on the way up
-traded in opponent’s favor

etc. The number of times each way you got hit could easily be listed in order of frequency after every, say, 10 games or so. This information might be very obvious to you, but then again, there are definitely going to be times when it is not, or, you simply need to be reminded in this kind of direct way. In any case, it is one way to utilize video footage of your own game in hopes to improve it. Just watching video of yourself playing alone can be helpful, and you can slap your head sooner as you see your repeated mistake(s… it’s usually that one frequent one that stands out); again you’re not being bothered with your own Execution after the fact, so you can focus on just the strategy. But even in that case, you can still be overlooking important things.

I tried thinking of a way to make up for this not yet being a feature in the games themselves. A printed list of the above “got hit while” situations above could be used by a third person watching your game, but the action just happens way too fast in fighting games to be able to keep up with it all in realtime. (It’s hard enough for commentators just to be able to say half of what is happening in realtime.) But, it could be done by someone later on, with video footage of your games, because then he’d be able to pause and replay it a number of times. Play a few seconds of footage until you get hit, pause, tally the box for that type of hit on the list, and play until your next hit. So who wants to do that?

No one. That sounds really boring. However, there are people being sponsored to travel or otherwise be able to play fighting games. I think someone even asked for donations for a console(?). Maybe the people being sponsored in such ways can be bothered to do this, for the people doing the sponsoring. After playing a long set of games with the sponsor, to go over the video footage of the matches and put meaningful numbers to help him improve.


Virtua Fighter 4 and 4 Evolution had a very basic version of this.

The game would analyze your match data and organize it into categories. So for example, the game would tell you what percentage of high throws you were escaping, what percentage of moves you were evading, what your win percentages were against specific characters, and you could take each statistic for what they were worth and try to improve upon them.