Video Analysis is a grand finals at a recent tournament at charlotte nc. I watched it and posted the following:

no offense to either players jose or alex, but that grand finals is not worth the hour it took me to download it. it’s not even worth watching, I stopped midway through the 2nd set. It just flat out felt like casuals, that’s how bad it was. jesus, have yall fallen off that much? but I’ll do better, I’ll finish the whole video and give constructive criticism


  1. learn to hit confirm low forward into super, you missed at least twice when all you had to do was watch the low forward hit. learn backfierce, forward+roundhouse, standing close roundhouse (sjc)xxsa2.
  2. you overused standing fierce and forward rh. there are 6 buttons, mix it up.
  3. learn to block, got hit by axe kicks and chops way too much.

in summary: unfortunately you don’t look like you know how to play chun li. I guess you got by alot with the intimidation and dominant pokes chun li has, but considering how alex played, you should have killed him easily. seek out lao to learn the basics with chun, you need it.


  1. should have parried standing fierce, forward+roundhouse or fierce hyate when jose wiffs into mixups
  2. mixup your jump ins, use forward way too much, got too predictable, parry in the air
  3. not aggressive enough, not enough dashing without running into something

summary: for some reason you played like shit. you either turtled up or jumped aimlessly without abusing the speed with which makoto wins fights. the makoto in the video is not the best player in nc, not even the best makoto in nc. i hope we get a chance to play some if I do decide to go up to ws for wtc.

i’m sad to say that jordan would kill both players the way they played on the video, a guy who owes me 20 bucks playing money games with me. please tell me you two were high and/or drunk.

what a joke."

Anyone care to watch it and agree or disagree with my assessment? Preferably some “known” players to bring legitimacy. :smiley:

I’m almost certain we already have a thread for this sort of thing. In fact, it’s been stickied. And if the video is, in fact, as bad as you say it is then I’d rather not have my time wasted either. It’s not like you didn’t already spoil a good deal of it anyway.

Somebody close this damned thread already. Why didn’t the topic creator go to this tournament seeing he’s near Charlotte? Could have shown them a thing or two instead of making a waste of a topic. :tup: This would be fine in the match vids thread…but not as a whole topic. There’s only so much you can discuss about the finals of ONE local tournament.

post in the match video thread (if you didn’t already)