Video Capture and Webhosting


Hi guys,

This is gonna be a long post so i’ll break it up into subject matters:

  1. I’m going to make some guide videos for Street Fighter IV. And I don’t really want to just load it up on Youtube. Can anyone suggest any good places I can host my website, maybe some choices between free ones and paid? If paid, hopefully its not gonna be expensive as I don’t intend to get any revenue from this, maybe only donations. Also bearing in mind that the site streams good quality video fast enough and perhaps have a way for people to download the video file.

  2. To capture the in game footage, I tried GamerOSD with came with my ASUS EAH4850 but the video quality is really poor. I’ve done some research and found this other programme called FRAPS. Looks decent, but have yet to try it out. Does anyone have any experience with it? Any better alternatives?

  3. Most videos I’ve seen just stay in the training mode with verbal narration. Useful but a little boring. I’d like to spice up the video with good SF4 soundtrack music and artwork. And by artwork I mean those illustrations in the SF4 game guide (the ones that look like watercolor). Where can I get my hands on these beauties? Hopefully in Hi res please. Thanks


Fraps isnt free, the demo version lets you record for a limited time i believe (unless fraps became free without my knowledge). A little note though, Fraps records the video in raw format, meaning a 10 second vid would be around 10mb or so. You’ll need to use something like VirtualDub or VirtualDubMod (look it up on google or videohelp (it will teach you how to convert/compress the video on videohelp) ).

I believe my friend uses WeGame which is like fraps but free and automatically uploads it to the WeGame site. (Not sure if that solves 1 and 2)

Artwork, just put in Street Fighter 4 watercolor on google image and ptu the filter to High res images.

There’s also Kawaii Dream but i think you need to register (free)


Kawaii Dreams is a great link thanks! :slight_smile:

FRAPS demo allows for 30 second at a time recording which should be more than sufficient for short clips.

Now, I just need some help with the website and soundtrack :slight_smile:


Try WeGame, its liek Fraps and youtube meld into one. When you finished recording a video it uploads to the site automatically or somehting


Thanks TheZen, but my intention is to record quite a few short in-game footage, then edit and compile them into a Tips and Tricks kinda compilation. I doubt WeGame can do that right?

I have the editing part covered already. I just want a domain of my own to put up the video :slight_smile:


Problem with WeGame that I’ve found is that if you try to record sound it’ll either desynch with the video or give it static.

I made two short examples of what I mean. Both were recorded with WeGame but the first one is encoded with AVS and the second with the built in WeGame encoder.

Static: [media=youtube]gkqNWyR-0fk[/media]