Video Capture Card

so basicly, my blitzbox jsut sint ok with me any more.
i would like to be able to stream to sites liek jtv and whatnot, and i know im already going to ahve to up my bandwidth from comcast.
but which card? i have aobut 200 buck to drop on either.
dazzle or black magic intensity ?
not runing i7 proscessor, so afaik, both should be ok.
any input would be gratly appreciated.
also, from what i understand, which sint much on the topic, ill be capped at 720p for both cards? i saw some stuff aobut 1080i , but im not sure my monitor supports that resolution. Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR High Definition Personal Video Recorder: Electronics

Tournaments use that to record videos sometimes. Not much under $200 will get you full 1080p recording, then again, street fighter 4 doesnt do 1080p.

I heard that the Hauppague was good but for about the same price people chose the Blackmagic Intensity Pro over it. Wonder if someone with experience could shed some light on this, cause I’m interested as well.

Ezcap DC60+, 20 bucks - TheManThatGotAway - SSFIV - DX MATSUKO vs. followupURSF [20101002]

Or you can spend 200$ on a HD device if your connection is good enough to stream at 720p (?)