Video capture device using HDMI?


Anything out there I can buy to record video via HDMI for my PS3? Preferably something that can capture 1080p. Does the PS3 use HDCP for games? I was thinking the black magic but not sure.

What does the SRK Live stream use, that thing seems great, 60FPS 720p, I’d settle for that if I can’t get 1080p.


Nothing out there you’ll find will do 1080p from HDMI right now. Plus most fighting games only support up to 720p at 60fps so having the extra resolution capability would be useless.


And PS3 uses HDCP, so as far as whats available HDMI recording is a no go


So in that case…what’s the best for 720p with component cables I guess…


There are a few things you can use -

Hauppauge HD PVR (Portable USB Based)- $185
AverTV HD DVR (PCI-E Card) - $100
Intensity Pro (PCI-E Card) - $189

Check youtube for quality comparisons.


you can’t use the intensity pro because it is not HDCP compilant. Ergo you get no picture.

Similarly you can’t use the new intensity shuttle (USB3 device similar to the intensity pro)
nor pegasus as it isn’t HDCP compilant.
Grass Valley Pegasus HD/SD Video Capture Card 625219 B&H Photo

If you can find a way to trick the HDCP to think that its going to a HDCP compilant device then it should work. Something like HDFury.
or trying what this guy did


Thanks for the help.

I guess 1080p is out of the question and that means HDMI isn’t really a requirement anymore.

So anyone with experience on the Hauppauge vs the Intensity Pro? From what I’ve seen on Youtube, the Hauppage produces better quality video. Anyone got any experience on this to back it up?

Is there a quality difference between the Intensity Pro and the Intensity Shuttle?

Is it possible to put the playstation 3 via Component to the Intensity shuttle, and have it output to my HDMI monitor? I know this won’t let you record in HDMI, it’s just my monitor doesn’t have Component inputs.

Thanks again.


Hauppauge HD PVR High Definition Personal Video Recorder 1212 does not support hdmi.
BUT this will - Hauppauge is taking its HD component capture card internal – Engadget 1080i and it doesn’t look like it has hdcp :x


I do believe Component video (3 RCA jacks in the color of red-green-blue) does produce 720p HD images and lacks the HDCP that HDMI connections often have.

s-video vs. composite video vs. component video
Component video - Wikipedia


Using the intensity pro you can record 720p component (menus can still be captured in 1080i though but you’d need to switch it to 720p when you get ingame).

For which is better I can’t say. I was interested in getting the shuttle however it apparently requires a high end intel processor setup. and I’m an amd fan so there wouldn’t be a garuntee that it’d work for me :-\


There are the Matrox encoders but they are expensive.


Well i can vouch for what i have i suppose
Blackmagic intesity pro cards great slight overkill imo
For video game capture first and most importantly to even capture in the uncompressed format to get the true quality out your blackmagic you need a Super fast hard drive ( aka raid time).
With that being said the uncompressed format is super huge and probably will have to be compressed.
And im only assuming that a good 9/10 of your stuff is going to be published on the web correct? if thats so than your going to have to compress it so the godlike quality you get dosent even matter. At the end of the day they all look the same on youtube.
If the happauge is cheaper i’d stretch for that seeing as to how you have to option to take it along with ya to a friends house or w.e