Video capture?


What are some good programs to capture things on the computer? Me and my friend play alot of games on the comp and I wanted to record them, the video and the sound, what are some good recorders?


i use fraps, its one of the best video capture programs around. expect a slight decrease in FPS though when in use.


+1 for fraps.


I use a program called Camtasia Studio

It records video from any window & even has a video editor built in so you can edit your finished video.


Shadowplay if you have a capable Nvidia card. If not look into OBS


Don’t tech talk already have a huge video streaming thread?




I’m using Action! Gameplay Recording and Streaming. It’s available through Steam. I’ve only used it for YouTube and Facebook video posting, have not tried streaming with it. It works great for capturing and posting videos.


For strict recording shadowplay looks the best right now.


I usually use Fraps


OBS is the only program anyone should be using.