Video Card Display issue

Alright, I’m running into a VERY odd problem.

For some reason, my videos show up darker than usual whenever I play them. What makes this odd is that whenever I have my NVIDIA control panel to adjust the colors up, it shows the video at its true color. However, once I close that program, the video goes back to looking dark.

How do I fix this problem? =/

I was having some weird issues like that too. Have you tried going to the Nvidia website and downloading the latest drivers? That took care of a bunch of issues for me.

Have you try adjusting the “Screen Refresh Rate” to something else? Also, try checking on your graphic card’s processor to see if it running at an unusual temperature (example: Card’s CPU is really hot). And third, try swapping your system RAM to another slot. See if that helps.

Before you try changing any kind of hardware stuff around download and install the newest version of K-Lite Codec Pack to see if that helps. It could just be a problem with whatever codecs you are using to play the video arn’t the best choice anymore.

Preppy chopped my head off once for saying that lolz

Cool with me, I may not be a software developer like him but I am in the IT field (networking and security) and like to have a discussion on these subject so I can hear all sides.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about that particular codex pack. I can’t really contribute to the finer points of that conversation. I just use VLC media player and forget about it.

I finally found out how to fix the problem, it was a strange way in fixing it too.
For some reason your locked off from adjusting any settings from the Nvidia control panels (which is just odd). Some guy with the same problem posted up on some message board how to get into those settings by hacking it thru reg keys.

I got into it, and what made it strange is that when I hit “set to default”, it fixed the problem right then and there.

I haven’t bothered to upgrading my drivers thru Nvidia.
Do I really need to? I mean, its not like it will make my games run better on my computer… would it?

BTW: The card I’m running s a 7900 GS KO from EVGA if that matters to anyone.