Video Card Help! (horrible quality) Nvidia GTX 950

Hi guys! I’ve just upgraded my video card. I used to had a nvidia quadro fx 580 and the new one is a Nvidia GTX 950.
I’m very happy with the purchase but I’m having this issue with USFIV. The quality of the game is horrible and as you can see in the pictures, with the new graphic card is looking really bad, what’s the problem here? do I have to configure my game again? maybe the nVidia control panel? I have no idea about this things, so any help would be ultra cool! thanks!

You can notice the difference on the grid lines

old card (nvidia quadro fx 580)

new card (nvidia GTX 950)

What are you talking about?
The ground lines in the second picture looks much better than the ones in the first…

max the settings in game… adjust anti aliasing in control panel also.

there is also a guide in steam guides that shows you how to adjust the settings.

Looks like your filtering setting changed in USF4 graphics options.