Video Card Help!

Alright, I recently bought a PNY 7600 Geforce GS AGP and installed it on my pc. The problem is that now it’s stuck at 640x480 4 bit resolution and won’t let me change it. I already removed the old drivers first and then installed the nvidia drivers. I also used driver cleaner to make sure all the old radeon drivers were completely gone.

Getting pretty annoyed since I just got from work and don’t want to deal with this. I’ll probably take it to some computer place tomorrow if I can’t fix it.

edit: Tried Safe mode and the resolution works fine, don’t know what’s wrong with this. :annoy:

It does sound like a driver issue
First, does your computer even recognize the card (you can check that in device manager)? Then, how are you trying to set the resolution, through display settings? Maybe you can try setting it in Nvidia Control Panel. Another thing is maybe the card is not realize your monitor can do higher resolution. Try plugging it into another monitor and see if it does something else

My pc recognizes it and I installed everything ok. I can’t really use the Nvidia control panel, though. I clicked on it once and asked what kind of configuration, clicked normal/advanced and then it won’t let me click on it again. I’ve tried switching the resolution from the properties menu and I only have one monitor at the moment.

edit: Also, when I checked the monitor properties it only shows two resolutions 640x480 and 800x600 when I clicked on list all modes… So maybe that’s the problem, my monitor isn’t recognizing the higher resolutions or something.

Alright, found the problem. Apparently since I installed the first time without removing all my drivers it conflicted, eventhough, I did it afterwords. I had to remove EVERYTHING; old drives and new drives and do a clean install.

Seriously…if I weren’t insanely tired right now I would’ve thought about that hours ago since I’ve had to do it before with other software. Thanks for the help Serpentarius. :tup: