Video: Combo into Blanka's Ultra 2






I’ll have to test them at home first, but using Ground Ultra 2 after a Vertical Roll trade is interesting.

Using Ground Ultra 2 after the Super on the corner have a nice “humiliation factor” to finish a fight, if you know there won’t be a next round, of course.


In one of Maj’s combovids at Sonic Hurricane, he combos j.HK into the PPP version, but according to him it’s ridiculously difficult to pull off regularly.

That would probably be the only one worth bothering with, KKK does far too little damage when comboed into, it’s much better as a predicative ultra.


the maj combo is the kk version i thought ?



that last combo made me really depressed. And confirmed my suspicions all the more that the initial build of Blanka would have been a S-class character if they simply put in links and combos that were applicable to pretty much the rest of the cast. (why elec -> FADC -> elec SHOULD work but doesn’t drives me nuts)

They seem to have it out for Blanka that he MUST remain Mid-tier at best, unless someone up top just decided that they want him buffed up, like Guile was in Super.