Video Converter

I have some vids that I would like to put on my MP3 player but they must be in MPEG-4 format. I have been searching around for a free converter to do this for me that doesnt leave a watermark or doesnt have limits (ex: I had one that would only let me change a file if it was 10mb or less). I actually had one with no limitations and no watermarks and was a freeware but lost it when I had to reformat my computer and sadly I have not been able to find it again.

Can anyone provide a link or product that I could use that meets the requirements that I am looking for? Thanks in advance.


Does your mobile device require ipod format? If so, try Videora: You can always use VLC to transcode (I’ve done more than a couple write-ups on these forums on how to use VLC) to the necessary format. This, of course, requires knowledge of the required container and video and audio formats and bitrates. This information should be found in the device’s manual or on its support web site.

What kind of device is it?


Its a microsoft zune. And yeah it does support ipod video cause its the same format. Ill check out that program. Also I didnt know u could use vlc to convert videos I’ll check into that also.


If it’s a Zune then you need to get it to H.264 or MPEG4 format, and then the Zune software makes a WMV out of it before it goes onto the player. Maybe try Windows Media Encoder? It’s free and I’ve used it to convert various formats to WMV in the past. And that’s the format the video ends up in.

Hmmm is there any way to convert realplayer files into this?
WMC doesn’t work with it >.<

I use SUPER “The Encoder” .

Okay I just downloaded and there’s only 2 problems

1.) How do you get the little made with Unregistered AVS bull of the middle of the screen?

2.) How come there’s no sound?