Video Critique



Apologies if there’s a thread for this already…wouldn’t mind a critique of this ass whooping I took.

Thanks in advance.



jump the fireballs abit closer where u can atk him, roll through his fireballs in reaction… i saw u do afew times but u didnt buffer into cod? didnt see 1 step kick. if you do a meaty TT, dont do EX… waste of meter. u did somthing after a>lp most of the time and got punished… cr.lp then step kick str8 away or wait if u know hes gonna uppercut, if he doesnt uppercut do a TT or a stepkick

dont worry if u cant do a 1 frame link on step kick… just step kick normal throw/TT if he jumps do a hp. just need to learn to use step kick. watch nekojitas tutorial posted by HFX


Yea I was going for step kick after the cr. lk, cr. lp chain but have been having trouble getting it out fast enough or messing up the execution to where a st. mk comes out.

I can hit the step kick to HP link about 50% of the time in training so I know I need to practice more. Thanks for the advice.

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next time you might wanna post in the video thread, anyway

too much jump ins

not really capitalizing on the (few) knockdowns you got - (ambiguous crossups, pesudo-unblockables, TU bait etc)

maybe need to incorporate more walking/dashing forward / bulldogging and rolling to get close (but be careful with the rolling to not get predictable/punished hard), again, you jumped too much

keep in mind the sweet spot for sagat to do safe tiger knees (you got hit by a lot of those tiger knees) - also most of the time, using focus in this range is a no-no too.

that ex roll at 1:03 was totally unnecessary, he wasnt close to you to keep on pressuring/throw nor were you close to the corner

as a bonus, check out one of my vs sagat vid lol (its not perfect by any means, but maybe you can get some pointers)


Thanks a ton man.

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