Video editing help

Experts I need some help. I want to cut a few clips up and make a montage set to a soundtrack and I need to know a good program to do it, specifically one that will allow me to remove the current sound from the clips. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Windows Movie Maker allows you to do all those things [and should come with your OS]. It also allows you to adjust the sound on the clips vs ‘your custom track.’ It’s like a meter, with CLIP AUDIO on one end of the bar and CUSTOM TRACK on the other, with a slider in the middle. Just move the slider all the way towards CUSTOM TRACK icon.

If you already are familiar with WMM, then you could try NERO. They have a nice editting program [same as WMM but with more transition slides and the like].

Just a heads up! Late.

I use iMovie for that sort of thing. it’s an incredibly intuitive and versatile program, but I have no idea if it’s available/affordable for Windows.


If you have access to it – Adobe Premiere or FinalCut Pro won’t do you wrong.