Video Editing Issues

Ok, I’m having some problems. My videos are not turning out very well.
So here are the specs.

Video Source: Either Directly from the Playstation or a Camcorder (JVC GR-D271U)
Video Capture Device: Dazzle DVC 80 R20
Video Capturing Software: Virtual Dub 1.6.13
Video Compression Software: Virtual Dub 1.6.13 (Saved as AVI)
Video Compression Codec: DivX 6.1
Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 (Exported as Movie)

Problem #1: Directly after capturing with Virtual Dub 1.6.13, if I take the raw file and put it into Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 without compressing it first in Virtual Dub 1.6.13, there is a major color distortion. Like shadowing of Red and Blue. This problem doesn’t happen in Virtual Dub 1.6.13.

Problem #2: Directly after capturing with Virtual Dub 1.6.13, the file’s audio becomes offset with the video. The audio is extended so you hear something before it happens. The distance between the points where the audio suppose to be with the video, gets progressively worse as the it plays.

Problem #3: After exporting the file as a movie in Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0, the audio gets very… “cracklely, or staticy, or something”. The louder the audio the louder the issue is…

I need to know how to fix this shit (mainly Problem #3) as quitly as I can.
Thanks for the help up front.

Problems 1 and 2 could probably be fixed by just capturing directly with Premiere. File > Capture. Is there a specific reason you’re capturing with vDub?

Nope, not really.
I don’t know really how to select the DVC 80 in Premiere. It shows device offline.

If you’re having alot of problems doing this you may want to consider using an easier editing program. I’ve been using Sony Movie Studio for a few years now and it works great. I sell the software through my company and since I use it so extensively I can walk you through doing pretty much anything. Just an idea if you want to try something different.

I would also recommend downloading a product called “End It All” from the web. I think there is a 2nd version out there on the web and it works great. Before you import the video to your PC run this program. It will stop all processes on your computer and help to keep the software from dropping frames.

personally I gave up on vdub for capturing. as no matter what I did I’d drop mad frames. and the other two programs that I used to use would desync the video.

however for my latest capture I used winDVR 3 and while its unfortunate that it can’t record in avi, it doesn’t desync the audio so thats one major problem fixed.

For importing to premiere, I can’t help ya much unfortunately. Similarly I could never cap in premiere as it’d never see my capture card, and I was never artistic enough to really bother with it. However the only thing that comes to mind might be the difference in color depth. I mean, ideally DV should be 4.4.4 but most standards are like 4.2.2 or 4.2.0 or something. So perhaps when you import it, its going to a different color base and off sets the colors :-\

Whenever I capture into Premiere, I’m doing it via firewire direct from my camcorder. I loves me some DV.

Try using huffyuv and to export a frameserver from premiere -> to virtual dub if you have to.

Thanks for the help guys. Still looking to fix the issue with my current equipment before buying others.
I haven’t tryed huffyuv yet but ill in a sec.

Go here to check out my latest vid by the way.