Video editing


hey does anyone know a good program to edit videos. like add music. or mute music.
or add a title that shows up. im trying to get into video editing.



Windows movie maker is a start… it’ll do the basics you want.

If you’re looking for something more advanced, Sony Vegas is something to look at…

and inevitably someone is going to say Adobe Premier. Although I dislike it for being overly complicated at points.


Vegas is all you need in video editing software.


what kind of file types does vegas read tho?
i have vegas. but man when i try to add a video it just dont work in ito for somereason


Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere is what I use…You can buy cool presets for Sony vegas for like 40$ it has alot of effects and stuff so its worth it


Yep, Vegas or Premiere is what you want. Unless you’re on a Mac, then go with Final Cut Pro.


Final Cut is the one true way. I’m not even a Mac guy. I’ve used the older versions and I’m dying to get ahold of all the neat tools in the newer Final Cut Studio. I haven’t used an even reasonably recent version of Premiere or Vegas so I couldn’t say how those are.

For basic stuff Windows Movie Maker is enough. It’s annoying as hell in some areas, but it gets the job done.


Windows MM is sufficient if you just make the occasional a few times in a year. But i got a buddy who just picked up vegas and swears by it.


ok thanks alot guys…