Video file converter


do any of you guys know of a good… FREE file converter?

I wanna turn AVI’s to MP4. I heard MP4’s are good because they have a small file
size and good video quality


Been using for 3 years now …SUPER


MediaCoder is ridiculously easy and flexible to use.


H.264 is supposed to be better than MP4 at a given bitrate. Might want to try that also.


MP4 is just one of several containers for H264 for the most part these days.


Just know that by converting it with a simple program it’s not going to magically look better. That kind of stuff takes a bit more work than just changing it’s format. A shitty avi will still be a shitty mp4


Pretty much. Without considerable work with Avisynth or the like, a lossy video can never look better transcoded to another lossy format by default. Now if you need a H264 or another format, then that’s a different story. You can easily retain almost the same quality in a few clicks.



never fails


I’m having problems where the I’m trying to convert the avi’s right;
it will show that they are converted but the files that come out of it won’t play.
what should I do? how do you configure super?


help me please! lol super won’t convert certain avi’s right. now I just get
mp4 with sound only.