Video Formats


Is there a way to convert the Street Fighter II: Animated Movie on the PS2/Xbox Disk to a Format so it could be burned on a DVD Disk & played on a DVD Player


-Download SFD2MPG
-If you’re missing comdlg32.ocx when you try to run it, get it here and extract it to your C:\Windows\System32 folder.
-On the PS2 version, the movie files should be in the HYPER folder of the DVD. It’s split into 15 different chapters/parts (SF2MPC01.SFD -> SF2MPC15.SFD) drag them into your hard drive and use the program to convert it.
-I tried converting one of them, and the video was at a weird aspect ratio, so you’ll probably have to re-encode it so the video becomes 4:3 before you put it on a DVD. I’ll let you figure that one yourself (though I assume you already know how/your burning program does it automatically).


I’m trying to do the opposite, i.e. get rid of those files to shrink game size. The standard 68KB blank SFD included with dvd2xbox crashes the game with a “loading” message. Random Dreamcast videos from planetweb do work, but they’re played in a weird ratio. Where can I get a blank SFD that will work with this game?