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DFP Radio USA! Yet another Session Jammed packed videogame, anime, and 80’s hits! Join DBD and Great Mazinger as the get over a hangover and talk about dying Zelda cartridge batteries, oldskool videogame tips and tricks (99 Shinobis), and videogame comic book movies! Then once you get done with that. Don’t forget to cross the water and listen to DFP Radio Japan for a slew of J-Pop Hip-Hop Rock and Reggae music flavors for all. Tune in to hear tracks from artist such as: BOA, DANGERDOOM, GACKT, Min-mi. So join RED6 and SK8 the MONKEE as they give you their impressions of Wonderfest 2005 and the elusive Final Fantasy Potion! How many hit points does this potion actually replenish or is it just another poison? Join them as they present DFP RADIO’s First Live On-Air Tasting Results! Before you go ebay shopping you may care to listen. Seriously! Also don’t forget to check out the prior DFP Radio USA, 02.26.06, as they give up some very valuable “Need to know specs on the PS3!” Thanks to the wonder of Great Mazinger! And more info on Final Round 9 (The South’s Largest "CA$H MONEY! Video Game Tournament.) Click here to listen and don’t be stingy! Tell a friend!

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New DFP RADIO USA April Show!!!

New show from the boys in the USA Click here to let the waves of sound pull back your ears and pound on your ear drums! Listen as DAD a.k.a Shinblanka from SRK, DBD, and Sox make fools of themselves once again, and throw around their video game and anime knowledge like a frisbee. While you may be able to hear DAD and DBD, Sox has the Peanuts Teacher syndrom all I can say is sorry, wont happen again! Sox had to do the hand held mic thing and it just didnt come out like it shoulda!

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DFP RADIO JAPAN. Even if you tried with all your might and 8 consecutive Dragon Punches. You can’t even sleep on the hotness of this show’s audio flavors! We got tracks from Yokko Kanno, BIRD, Outlaw Star, Little Brother, Last Emperor (You must hear this track!), King Gidora, Final Fantasy 7 and much much more! So join the Good Rev. Pregreen Capricee and Deacon Red 6 as the bring the holy sound of DFP RADIO and supply you with more info on Final Round 9. So let the people of the church say, “AMEN!” and go here to be healed!

P.S. To all members of the congregation who where involved in making the FR9 avatars, flyer, t-shirts, and such. Your shout-outs are included in this show. Because ask and ye say receive! “CHURCH!” I don’t think you heard me? CHURCH! I said, “Ask and Ye shall receive CHURCH!”

DFPRADIO! Back in the house with 2 new shows! click here to listen to the DFPRADIO USA and AMERICA Agents talk about. FR9, The best RPGs, SF Anthology, Subs vs. Dubs, and the Pros and Cons about working in Japan!

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Sorry about the delay! Jetlag and the holidays set us back a bit but its ALL-2-THE-GOOD now! DFPRADIO JAPAN is back with more Anime and Video Game audio hotness! Join SK8 and Redsix as they take you on a voyage through Digital realm of freestyle avatar art! SRKs ABC 11 winners announced on this show! So do I need to say more?

That’s what I’m talking about DFP and Northernarc joining forces to put down the audio aime and gaming goodness!

Prolly one of the the best shows in a while! DBD, ANT the Legendary, Frank G’s, the little German Girl and Monkee (DFP JAPAN) make for a very interesting assortment of guests! So, please head on over to and listen to the lastest broadcast of DFPRADIO USA!

The latest DFPRADIO JAPAN features the regular dynamic duo! RED6 and SK8 gabbing over dope 80?s movies, anime and videogames tracks from Ghost in the Shell, Phantasy Star, Flash Gordon, Deltron 30/30, Ripslyme, MF DOOM, Macross Plus and many more ! This session?s topic is Tokyo Game Show 2006! Is the PS3 the new wave of the future?! Will the XBOX 360 actually, do well in Japan with its new slew of games?! What the hell happened to Nintendo?! We didn’t get Wii-ed up at all And you gotta tune into to find out if RED6 had to beat someone?s ass at TGS this year! or if the Monkee inside of SK8 found the perfect Booth Babe! And the Bomberman STD! (Joke, it?s a joke! I swear!)

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BONUS: DFPTV More TGS 2006 Footage with a DFP twist!

New Dfpradio Show

Actually there are 3 new DFPRADIO shows that cover the next gen launches, 2 anime conventions, and loads of video game and anime music! What more could you want?!

So head on over to to listen. And if you haven’t listen before. You are in for a treat

Another heaping helping of Anime and Video Game goodness! This week, the DFP USA crew mix it up and throw some new craziness at you like the Gamefather, crap-tacular game and anime endings, and the evolution of console online gaming? Come sit down and enjoy this weeks portion of DFP goodness! Click here for the archives.

That’s right 2 different DFPRADIO shows posted within the same week. And we are recording more at the moment.

DFPRADIO USA: Wow! There have been a gaggle of shows posted within a week Sorry, this is my fault and now Im gonna make it even worse! I prematurly posted a filler show because nothing had been posted in a minute. But, I gotta post our newest show because it has time sensitive information for this weekend. So, incase you hadnt notices our Upcoming Events feature on the side bar and you havent been listening to the shows (shame on you!), it says that Diagacon is coming up this weekend! This show we touch on the oversaturation of the anime and video games markets, its a quick show with some hot tunes, and its fun for the whole family!

DFPRADIO JAPAN: We took this show to the Southside of Tokyo an exchanged words with Masked UH from Famitsu Magazine. As always, The Masked UH dropped some serious knowledge bombs reguarding the Japanese gamers, game market in Fuji Fuji Land, and his new segement in Famitsu Magazine with the Director of Killer 7, Suda. This segement will cover violent foreign oldskool and new skool video games entitled Area 51!

In addition will talked about
Idolmasters, Gundam Muso, and vintage systems that the Masked UH hordes! (For real! The man lives in a fricken museum of cool stuff! I will post the pictures later) This is DFPRADIO!

Seriously, the language content in this show is a bit hanus. So if you are under age. What are you doing young scamper? And if your at the office, you might wanna turn this one down a bit. Unless your boss is cool!

:rofl: :rofl: NEW DFPRADIO JAPAN SHOW:rofl: :rofl:

Yeah, Yeah, I know it?s been a minute since we posted a JAPAN show but here it is! As usual, we are providing you with the top sound of video games, anime, J-POP/ROCK/HIP-HOP, and 80?s cartoon jams. But in addition, this is the special MS Paintz version of DFPRADIO. So sit back and relax. Let DFPRADIO radio groove you into a fresher mode babe! Head on over to the audio page to jam on it!

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does this still happen?

It sure does!

HOT DAMN! We got 3! Count’em 1, 2 , 3! New shows on!

  1. FRX Aftermath - DBD and the Team EMS tournament organizer supreme Shinblanka talk about FRX highlights and the future plans for Final Round!
  2. DFPRADIO USA #45 - DBD and Frank G’s Deliver that DFP goodness!
  3. DFPRADIO JAPAN #46 - Snakes vs. Zombies: Redsix, Criminal T, and Scott Popular head down to Shibuya to talk with Masked UH of Famitsu DVD Magazine/ GAMELABO magazine, Shinji Kojima director of Biohazard, Kojima director of MGS, and SUDA51 the director of Killer 7! Click here to read the exclusive VIP interview with SUDA 51 and view some pictures from the event!

For more info: head on over to with the quickness!

P.S. Yo’ don’t forget to check out SRK’s J4YX2 gamer interviewas well, because YOU could be next!:rofl:

Are you ready? Seriously. Are you ready? DFPRADIO Japan is back with brand spanking new video game and anime tracks from Shina Ringo, Willie Hutch, Tenchu Z, Optimus Prime, Alucard, Tecmo Bowl, Street of Rage, Saved by the Bell, Record of Lodoss War, Trigun and a whole lot more. And if that wasn?t enough this show also includes a short segment of the highly anticipated interview with TEAM EMS and SRK?s Legendary MOD: RoninChaos. Yeup. This is the DFPRADIO show you don?t wanna miss. Click here to begin the DFP Process.

(P.S. The full interview with RoninChaos will be posted on DFPRADIO on July 10th, 2007.)

A fresh new show, reeking of birthday cake and good times! This episode we talk a bit about Manhunt 2 and the Adult Only (AO) rating and the perception of Anime back in the day! I was a little delayed in getting the show posted but that doesn?t mean it?s any less potent! Since this was my birthday show, I lined up some of my old school favorites and a few new ones. Buckle up and hold on tight as you get ready for another episode of DFP Radio! Click here for the goodness!

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:DFP SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW #3 SP vs. RC!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I?ve conducted several interviews in my life, but this one right here?. This one right here should definitely get me nominated for an Oscar, Nobel Peace Prize, a free Wendy?s Frostee, or a new Snoopy Snow Cone Machine! I?m not saying that I want them all at once but Something Damnmit! Gimme Something! LOL!

So have you ever wondered? What is on the mind of MOD on SRK or any video game or anime site for that matter? What is the DGPITF strategdy about? Does the stairwell technique really work? The current opinion of the Fighting Game Community? How do MODS really feel about IP Bannings and Thread Closing and much more!

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I’ve posted the written interview on for those who like to put quotes in their signatures!


Oh yeah DFPRADIO JAPAN back in the house! Eatin? up all ya? sushi and fried chicken boi! This show we took trip down to Enterbrain which in the headquarter for one of the greatest gaming magazines in the world: Famitsu! And we got into a bit of a Tekken DR scuffle. I?m not gonna say that DFP or Famitsu came out victorious but I will say that, ?I won a good share of my matches but the dfp squad as a whole needs to spend a bit more time in the gamecenter.? But never fret this show contain the usual audio bliss that dfpradio ever promises to general public? So country man, woman, in between, plant, mineral, or whatever! Click here to enjoy DFPRADIO JAPAN Episode 52! and if that ain?t enough! Behold the video goodness photo slide show blast! on the link as well?? (Sorry, NEGRO INSTALL not included?? but???)

2 more shows up for consumptions! Shatterstar listen to show number 56!