Video Game Based TV Shows

I did a search for this topic, but five pages I saw nothing so close if you can find another. This is a topic on TV or web shows based on video games. I’m primarily talking about scripted shows that are based on or inspired by a video game, not like things such as WCG or TV broadcasted tournaments, but you can talk about those as well.

From what I can remember I have seen cartoons based on Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Pokemon, Zelda(or was that a movie?) and Blue Dragon.

I don’t remember me liking any of these shows except for Pokemon when I was a child. I think the sonic one still airs on TV, but I’m not sure if it’s just reruns or not. I would like to see a Tekken or Street Fighter cartoon. I think SF only had movies and not tv programs. Dragon Quest VIII and Crono Trigger would make good animes IMO.

Anyone know any other game based shows maybe even live action ones, have any ideas for one? Post here.

Based on an actual game? Uh, SF2V…only one I can think of off the top of my head that isn’t Pokemon and isn’t completely craptacular.

Video Power V1.0

You don’t want to see a street fighter cartoon


or Darkstalkers for that matter


Mortal Kombat, Megaman, Wing Commander, Mario, Zelda, Dragon Warrior. Don’t forget Captain N and a few more. I don’t think you want to know what the 80s and 90s looked like for video game cartoons.

Also gotta bring up Nick Arcade lotta button mashing on Nick Arcade.

Fuckin’ WOOOT!!! :tup:

And Rouzu…Dragon Quest DID have a cartoon. III did, anyway. Dragon Warrior.

the hack games are based in an MMORPG…

“kirby: right back at ya” is loosely based off of the kirby’s dreamland games. parappa the rapper had a short anime run in japan if that counts, although there’s no rapping.

Monster Rancher is the only one that comes to mind that hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Nick Arcade had some of the worst gamers I’ve ever seen in life. Those kids were unbelievably bad at everything…like that character (Mikey?) would be all the way on the left side of the board, and some dumbass will choose to make him go LEFT. I didn’t even remember this happening until seeing that youtube link about Nick Arcade recently
Kid: "LEFT!"
Host: “Ok…OH HE CAN’T GO LEFT!”(*there’s a WALL to his left side, ya dummy.)

Then there was some girl who couldn’t even get a certain low # of rings on the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog. It was sad, man.


There was a Viewtiful cartoon/anime. I can’t speak about the quality though.

  • hmmmm shows based ON video games? well, there was some that were already mentioned, F-Zero(another loosely based show), Captain N(to some degree that dealt with Nintendo properties such as Kid Icarus and Metroid, having a ), Sonic(with Steve Urkel as his voice), Sonic(the second cartoon), Sonic X, Sonic Underground, Super Mario Bros Super Show, Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger: Monsters OVA(which was hilarious to an extent), Samurai Shodown OVA(which had some decent fights compared to the Anime Movie, which just had people getting killed and Genri sliced in two). The Tekken movie had only one good thing in it(Heihachi taking an axe to the mouth). Mortal Kombat had the live-action Konquest and another show that was a cartoon. Very bad cartoon, but the show at least kept the darkness of the game and served as a prequel to the first one. And everybody knows about Street Fighter.

In Canada, we had a few of those video game inspired shows: *Video & Arcade Top Ten. *Which was a good show, minus the fact that they were endorsed by Nintendo. The show sported two games each episode, and about 5 players per game. Pretty good idea, but when they got around to playing Fighting Games, they didn’t have the balls to actually pit players against each other like they should have. We also had a more broader show, called *Gamenation, *which came around during the 32-bit wars and was very non-biased and good entertainment. They even mocked the Virtua Boy, in a review, by saying that they can get the same gameplay effect by rubbing their eyes really hard. Too good. Of course, we have Electric-Playground and Reviews On The Run, which are as current as anything.

Word. The only good thing about that show was when 4kids stopped showing their retarded edited footage mst3k-style commercials instead of the show credits, and allowed Saga’s song “Brighter Side” to play while the credits rolled. The anime itself sucked.

I loved the old Sonic cartoon back when I was a kid, and I recall singing “Do the mario” at least once in public; but beyond that I don’t remember liking any videogame based shit.

I didn’t know that Monster Rancher was based on a video game. Faint memories on that Nick Arcade. With Scott Pilgrim being so popular do you think that the comics could be a cartoon? I haven’t read them myself, but I know there are a lot of video game references in them, from info I’ve collected.

Donkey Kong Country had one I believe.


I remember there being two different Sonics back in the day: One very zany Sonic, which last a few seasons I believe, and a short-lived, more maturely-animated Sonic that I believe was on ABC for a very short time. I forget the name of that one, though.

Both called Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and both even had the same voice actor for Sonic I believe. The one you’re talking about on ABC is called “SatAM” for Saturday AM since that’s when it aired.

Also Captain N is all that needs to be said. “At least you’re not a mega pickle”

I loved Code Monkeys and the Donkey Kong Country cartoon was actually pretty good although it came on when I was in high school I caught a few episodes and it was pretty entertaining. I think they also had a Viva Pinata show and I’m not sure if Digimon came before or after the videogame.

I need to rank the Viewtiful Joe cartoon down with the oldschool Megaman cartoon though. That was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Also they had a Mutant League Sports cartoon that I thought was pretty good but I think I was 8-9 at the time.