VIDEO GAME CENTRAL...they are a proven scam. Don't buy sticks or ANYTHING from them!

Ahhh, here we are the eve before we, the hopeless fools who ordered from a website with reviews like this:
ordered our TE stick out of pure desperation because the bigger boys either stopped taking pre-orders or just didn’t have pre-orders ready- get to figure out what happens to our money! I gotta tell you guys that I don’t forum too much but from the first time I spoke to these guys I thought why do these guys sound so mad? Why do they sound so street tough? Why do they sound like Eminem? I sure as hell don’t know, it made me feel uneasy but I still gave the CC digits and preordered. Since then I’ve called 3 times after reading about shortages and preorder cutoffs with other companies and finally to address the extended amount of time they left their preordering up for the stick on their website. Every time I called in I was assured my order number was in fact in line to receive my TE stick in the initial shipment going out 2/17/09. I should feel safe right? Well, why don’t I then? I started to stalk the various game sites that I’ve either been to or heard about in the past and here I am. I love video games. I’m no pro but I love games and I have owned a couple arcade sticks in my time going back to the NES Advantage (I know, gross). I’ve spent into the tens of thousands of dollars on games, accessories, systems…you name it- over the last 17 years of my life and before that I was fortunate to have parents who bought me a thing or two back to the Atari/Colecovision days. I’ve never spent this much on an accessory-ever. I know to the new generation of hardcore gamers apparently, $150 or so on a few arcade sticks is commonplace but not me. I’ve got mouths to feed besides my game habit. So it is for this reason that I am prepping all those who ordered from this place to be ready. Just like SRK has shut off search options and what have you for the release of SFIV, I also have to anticipate my next move and that’s why I’ve done some brunt work here so you guys don’t have to- that is if it’s even needed. If all of us work together if there happens to be a problem then we shouldn’t have much of one. Here’s the facts:

Video Game Central is a “sister company” if you will of Game Trade Central. In the IRS books they’re one in the same and even share the same non-toll-free customer service number. A little research shows some bad reports to the Better Business Bureau of NY and no resolution with the issues reported. Another issue that should be mentioned is that they were actually using the BBB’s logo on their GTC website stating that they were members which was blatently false and later squashed by the BBB themselves which is all there for everyone to view in the report that cares. This can be seen at these 2 links:

So starting when we call in 2/17 about our TE Sticks what do we do? Well, if they provide us with tracking numbers- nothing. We wait and see what arrives. If it’s a new, untouched, sealed, non-tampered with TE Stick they’ll be my best friend. If they have their phone lines shut off for the day (my guess) we keep trying until we do get hold of somebody. If they are rude to us and tell us they screwed up preorders, never respond to us, don’t answer e-mails, don’t communicate with us in any form we all simply file complaints with:

NYC Department of Consumer affairs-

**NY State Consumer protection Board- **

**Office of the Attorney General/ Consumer Complaint department- **

…AND the BBB which can be submitted via the links earlier in this post. That’s complaints with four agencies that they should care about and if every SRK member who has a problem threatens that then that should hopefully light some fire under their ass to humble the ghetto customer service I know I’ve been receiving. In the end, I don’t get my product I charge back and fight them on whatever they claim. In the end I’ll win.
Again, if this thread gets removed or a moderator bans me I don’t really care but I’m not sure why they would. Just trying to help those that I feel might get the shaft like I think I will and I know how to get what I want. Hope this helps you guys that ordered from VGC and we’ll see pretty soon now won’t we. Please, if you have nothing to do with ordering from VGC keep the stupid, infantile, immature comments to yourself and enjoy the sticks you may have already gotten. If there happens to be any SRK members out there that actually work at VGC, maybe you can stroke my dick a little and make me feel special so I can just get back to my nostalgic thoughts of playing Street Fighter like when I was a young punk much like you.

Now what to do if I do get my stick and it’s not working right because of MadCatz being incompetent…hmmm. Gotta wait and see.


UPDATE 5/4/09: VGC has delivered one, that’s right- ONE TE stick to Kikoshou and this is the only person who has come forward to report them doing so. Almost 3 full months after their original ETA date of 2/17. NEVER BUY FROM THEM. If you’re even thinking about doing so, read through this thread.

UPDATE 8/6/09: further proof that VGC is officially a scam and some internal turmoil has gone on in the last month with their “server problems”, site being down and changing, etc. Skip to page 33 of this thread and read Old Skool Fool2’s post and then the post immediately after. Whomever these guys really are is not important but it just shows what an umprofessional company it is and always has been.

You realize right on the site it says ETA 8/17/09 right? That is when they are scheduled to ship them. If my magic knowledge of dates and times is right then its only been 33 minutes of February 17th. Some of my friends aren’t getting theirs shipped until the 24th from Amazon.

As Terry would say, “Take it easy!”

Also on a side note everytime I’ve ordered a game I’ve had nothing but quality and good results from VGC

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (DC)
Last Blade (DC)
KOF 99 Dream Match (DC)

All came nice and pretty and for mad cheap when I got them too. :wgrin:

Long story short:

You pre-ordered (as a last resort) a $150 stick from a place you knew nothing about. A place you had no previous experience dealing with. A place that has, from your own research, bad reviews and experiences documented all over the internet. A place which has a giant ass discliamer that says this: *Any order that is placed after ‘1/28/09 11:59pm EST’ for this item will not ship out on the initial release date of 2/17/09. It will be part of the 2nd shipment which is currently scheduled for 4/7/09." And you paid the full amount up front for a pre-order.

So there’s a chance now that you, like thousands of others who pre-ordered (from all sorts of places) won’t be in the first shipment. What’s the problem?

He’s just venting I guess. I was pretty close to ordering from them too. Good thing I know how to read. :rolleyes:

Just be patient OP, take your rage out on people in SF4 tomorrow… with the 360 pad. :slight_smile:

They actually keep calling me house telling me to call them, but I’m always at college, so I never knew about this phone calls until recently.

I should give them a call tomorrow.

what i was tolled, just thought id post it… no flaming.


Although pre-orders for the upcoming Street Fighter IV products have
been selling out, we do plan to make enough for everyone that wants one,
however, this may not be until a later batch. When a stock becomes
available for purchase, we will update our store site.

Other online retailers such as Videogamecentral and the official Capcom
site also still have pre-orders available.


Nathan Aguilera
Customer Support Technician
Mad Catz, Inc.
7480 Mission Valley Rd St 101
San Diego, CA 92108

I sure as hell hope you had a typo there but a typo of ‘8’ and ‘2’ … well there are a lot of numbers between ‘8’ and ‘2’ because if the TE stick is shipping 08/17/2009, you just got screwed son.

Guys, guys, guys. I’m not angry. I’m just getting ready in the event that something wrong happens today. I’m very mello, just trying to help those who ordered from VGC if it’s needed. Like I said in the original post. If I get the stick in good condition they’ll be my best friend.

-Black Bond, it was 2/17/2009 that’s why I made this thread for today. Hope you get yours.

I’m with Benjiedude on this one. I don’t think the people who ordered from VGC are being impatient. This thread is just for us to keep each other informed as to what’s going on with our orders a the other thread(s) are so clogged with useless info that we need a nice clean page to keep shit straight.

My only gripe with them, should something go afoul today, would be that I ordered on the 27th of Jan. and on the 28th they put up the message saying that orders after the 28th would be pushed back until April 7th. I e-mailed them letting them know that if I was not going to be in the 1st shipment, that i would like to cancel, and I was assured that my item would go out on 2/17/09 (this was before all of the back order reports from GS, Amazon, Capcom, ect.). Since I was assured, and I have gotten no more information from them in light of recent events, it better go out today or I should be offered some sort of deal to compensate for their mistake. They could have told me that they did not know, but I was assured that today is the day…so I am counting on that.

Well, just as I expected guys. Called and got the first tier employee who never knows anything and has to transfer you to “shipping” After a nice long distance hold of about 10 minutes I got through to Randy who says this in a nervous little voice:

Randy: “They should be coming in today… later today or tomorrow. We’ll be shipping them out later today or tomorrow.”

Me: “So later today or tomorrow? The website said ETA 2/17.”

Randy: “Right should be later today sir.”

Me: “What will be my notification that mine was shipped, an e-mail with tracking number?”

Randy: “E-mail, yea.”

Me: “I’ll wait for it.”

Randy: “Thanks, bye”

So there you have it. Pretty much what I expected. For everybody else, please post whatever they tell you. I should remind everybody that I got my preorder in 1/16.



If someone else tries calling (I cannot, I am at work) can you ask about the fact that they are no longer on the website, and what, if anything, this means?

1st mistake: You ordered from VGC
2nd mistake: You posted about it.

Usually you would pull something off a website so that people stop trying to buy it from you. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

I, like many, was referred to VGC by the site of a respected member of this community.

I’m not calling it a mistake…yet. By the way, you obviously didn’t order from VGC right? Why are you posting here?

You know what the E in that abbreviation stands for right? It can have an ETA of 2/17 and you could get it 2/28, they wouldn’t be in the wrong.

I didn’t even order a TE stick. This thread is somewhat pointless though, and there have been other threads posted like this about VGC’s shadiness.

For those of you who were “referred” to this site (I’m thinking you read about it on you shouldn’t just take someone’s word for it. Do some research (seems like a foreign concept to most new members here), and find out for yourself.

Jesus…here we go. Yea, that’s why I haven’t taken any action against anybody yet. Try to think of this as a log/journal of events that transpires between customers of VGC and VGC and just sit back and enjoy the read. Leave judgement at the door.