Video Game Confessions

We all have something we’re not proud of gaming-wise. Maybe we hyped up a piece of shit, or stood by one for too long. Maybe we bought into a gaming fad that died out.
Well, if you feel comfortable letting it out there, let’s talk about those things. Of course, you don’t have to confine yourselves to the types of scenarios I mentioned above. Anything shameful you can share is OK. Here’s one of mine to start with:

-Metal Gear Online was one of the main reasons I bought a PS3. Anyone who’s seen more than 2 of my posts might find this strange, as I hate MGO and trash it any chance I get. However, I was hyped as hell for it when it first came out; the very first Metal Gear Online (that came with MGS3:S) was awesome to me. It’s strange; ALL the stuff that makes MGO garbage was present in videos I saw of it on youtube, but I never thought deeply about it. Then I got a PS3 and was disgusted by it all. The crappy implementation of perks from COD4, the shitty damage system, the Drebin Points system, and the worst Friendly Fire scheme ever wore me down every time I tried to give the game a chance. I don’t regret buying a PS3 at all, but I’m more than ashamed that MGO was a substantial factor there.

On a different note, I have both Beyond Good and Evil and Viewtiful Joe, but have never finished them even once.

That’s all I can think of right now.

I buy almost every “good” game (either I hear it’s good from a friend, SRK, looks good, etc) but still only play pretty much SSF4 and Modern Warfare 2. People bring this up when they compare trophies all the time (90% of my shit is at 1-5%).

Also, I like Dynasty Warriors games and all it’s variations.

i have more games unopened than i beat in the last 10 years

probably cost myself 4k easily buying games the day they come out and never getting around to playing them vs just buying them used months later for pennies on the dollar

I brought a couple of games that either bored me or I sold like a month or so later…either I have a short attention span or im dying as a gamer…

help me professor kokonoe…

hell I didnt even get hype for madden 11, when madden 08 plays just fine…sure the roster is outdated but thats what the TV and internet are for…

I have quite a few unopened or barely played games

Fucking Blazblue, nobody will play with me :frowning:

And another ‘confession’ is I owned the Guy Game (the one that turned out to be CP cuz there was a 17 year old chick in it)

I rented Madden 04 just to hear the new Blink 182 song in it. I was a kid once LOL.

Also I’m a huge mark for Dynasty Warriors

I liked sc4.

I think that FIFA is 10x more fun than Madden.

I thought Turok 2 was better than Goldeneye on the N64

I bought A Boy and His Blob.

I cry everytime I’m done a Zelda game because it’s over, and there’s nothing more to do than continue fighting Ganondorf over and over again.

I bought Rygar for the ps2 in hopes of it matching my expectations of the NES counterpart. :sad:

I pre-ordered Two Worlds and thought it was going to blow Oblivion out of the water.

Then my horse lagged, then I took it back and was sad. =/

I know the feeling, somebody needs to get to work on an everlasting Zelda game… the sidequests generally suck ass…:sad:

EDIT: Majora’s Mask had lots of replay value imo, the thing that made it and broke it for me was the time limit… it made the game good yet made it bad all at the same time, hard to explain…

I don’t play SF enough because I’m lazy. :sad:

I was bored completely by Red Dead Redemption, the story and the characters didn’t interest me at all.

I never beat Silent Hill because I couldn’t find gas tube or something like that.

I’ve never played a Zelda game for longer than 20 minutes.

One of my favourite games is War of the Monsters :lol:

-bought tiger woods golf 03? cause i heard about the south park glitch

-i only played duke nukem in 7th grade for the titties

-tryed for hours on end to find the nudity code for mortal kombat

-i talked so much shit playing tekken 4 my friend punched me…not my fault steve fox was broken

-im still angry my old best friend never let me play sonic 2 with him, nothing worse than watching a friend play a game and not let you play…btw he’s dead.

…alot of my gaming confessions just involve nudity in one way or another.

  1. I bought Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon. – This is one of my most regretted purchases in my whole life so far. The game is horrible in every way.

  2. I fell for the Final Fantasy VII hype back at the time that game was the new big deal for Playstation. The truly bizarre thing here is how I apparently forgot just how much I despise the “traditional” japanese RPG. It was a day-1 purchase, actually…and within minutes I remembered that “oh yeah… I hate this kind of garbage.” Unbelievable… this was such an embarrassing waste of money. I’ve never even fallen for hype quite like that before. I eventually sold it of course.

  3. I bought the CD-i. (yeah, just try and top this.)Here is some info for those that don’t remember this system: CD-i - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I knew someone at the time that had the “hook up”, y’know…so yeah, there I was spending a shave over 100 bucks for a “hot” CD-i, and making sure to hide it from Mom at the time. Besides the pitiful selection of games, and the sad little “tv remote” looking controller (I had the one by Phillips, pictured here: Philips CDi ), you’d have to also buy the $249.99 “Digital Video Cartridge” just to play the majority of the games. I remember they conveniently left out that little tidbit of information on the commercials, of course. Basically, this was the result of my craving for a “next gen” system at the time. It was around 1994, so SNES and Genesis weren’t exactly that “fresh” and exciting anymore, especially with the godly Playstation looming on the horizon, and Saturn coming out surprisingly fast that summer but with the fat price tag. Anyway, I had Burn Cycle (this was alright), some tennis game that came with the system, Kether(terrible), and Voyeur (starring Robert Culp as “Reed Hawke”!). I wanted “7th Guest” and probably “Mad Dog McCree”, but of course those required the damn Digital Video Cartridge. I eventually just gave the system away. (yeah, looking back at the info…I apparently had the “450” Phillips model, which did not come with the DVC.) Oh and yet another downside was that I don’t recall there being CD-i games for rent at a Blockbuster or the local family-owned movies/games rental place…so you couldn’t really try these games. Basically, I’d check out whatever info EGM printed at the time and hope the game was good when I bought it. Of course it wasn’t long before I simply gave up on the system.

-bonus: yeah, I got hard for Hinata in Rival Schools or Project Justice, whichever one she was in. Those were some hot ass polygons there.

I bought SSFIV from buying into the hype, but I find myself playing Tekken 6 like SSFIV doesn’t even exist in my library.

I have never finished crash bandicoot, I’ve beaten all the sequels. I’ve never beaten Spyro the Dragon, but I’ve beaten all it’s sequels.
Kingdom Hearts was the first RPG I’ve finished, and I didn’t finish it until a year later.
I’ve never beaten a final fantasy game.
The only FPS I’ve bought was Halo 2 for the Xbox.
Most of the fighting games I play end up collecting dust.
I’ve bought every Tekken besides 1, 3, and Tag.
I have never bought one fucking copy of madden…I bought espn 2k5 only because it was 30 bucks…madden 2005 was 60 and I was too poor.

I’ve never bought ONE sports game for the multiple systems I’ve owned in my life. The only one I actually owned was NFL 2K2 for the Dreamcast, and that was only because I was a beta tester for the online multiplayer, and Sega sent me a copy of it and a Sega Sports t-shirt as their way of saying thanks.