Video Game General 3.0 - You know what should come back? Pre-rendered backgrounds!

[details=Spoiler]Ok folks! We’re getting pretty close to that week where the Big 3 meet and throw down while we sit and watch with cringing agony on our faces or with the hype of a 5 year old with far too much sugar.

Yyyyup…It’s that time again! The hype train begins next month and all the way intil it hits the fever pitch the week of June 13th. Get your gifs and flipping tables prepared!

Official Website:

Officially it is going take place June 16th-18th this year. If this isn’t your first rodeo though then you know that there there’s usually at least 2 of the Big 3’s conferences that take place the day before…and then that’s not counting any other events or conferences that may happen like Bethesda’s. Stay updated with the thread to keep in the know.

IRC Chat

Chat was fun last year. Channel is #srkgdE3. Trillian can also be used to access the chat.

Rumor Mill(on going progress up until the end of the conferences)

Rare possibly revealing new game at E3:
Extremely high chance of it happening considering that Phil mentioned a new game being made and then these tweets.

Crash Bandicoot rumor

There’s been hints from sony here and there pertaining to Crash but last I remember is that Activision owns the IP…so if this happens it’s going to be interesting how it came about.

Paper Mario for Wii U

Large grain of salt. I’d dig it if this happened but I’ll believe it when I see it…Intelligent Systems is busy currently with Fire Emblem IF and probably helping with the SMT X FE game along with just having put out Code Name Steam this year so unless they’ve had a small team prototyping for some time then I’m not expecting this to show up this year.

Main Conferences**: Conference dates and times will be placed here as I become aware of them

Bethesda: Sunday June 14th @ 7PM PT / 10PM ET
Microsoft: Monday June 15th @ 930AM PT / 1230PM ET
EA: Monday June 15th @ 1PM PT / 4PM ET
Ubisoft: Monday June 15th @ 3PM PT / 6PM ET
Sony: Monday June 15th @ 6PM PT / 9PM ET
Nintendo: Tuesday June 16th @ 9AM PST/ 12PM EST
Square Enix: Tuesday June 16th @ 10AM PST/ 1PM EST
PC: Tuesday June 16th @ 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Other Events: Any other major events not directly tied to a main conference like tournaments I will place here as I am made aware of them.

Nintendo World Championships 2015: Sunday June 14th @ 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET
Nintendo will also be streaming interviews and more game content through their E3 stream starting after their Digital Event.

Smash Bros. Presentation: Sunday June 14th @ 7:40 AM PT/ 10:40 AM ET

Microsoft will be streaming content on 360, Xbone, and @ 4PM PT/ 7PM ET June 15th -17th

Bethesda will be having several panels for their games throughout the week.

No livestreams but might able to find someone who will be typing up what’s hapenning live.

E3 bets
Something new this year…some guys have taken to betting on events that will happen this year…Punishment for being wrong is wearing a Pony Av for a time determined by the bet and/or who set the bet.

Crotchpuncha: bets that Nintendo will show Star Fox and that Konami will be a no show.

Hawkingbird: bets that the next SFV character reveal will be someone from SF3; Alex or Urien.

Drellyfish: bets Mother 3 will show up to go along with Lucas for Smash.

Last Guardian Kinniku Buster proposed that people pony up until the game gets released. Crotchpuncha only agreed for 1 month.

Bious, Kinniku Buster, Exposed D: bets that the game will show this year

Crotchpuncha: bets the game won’t show.

Youtube E3 Channel

Youtube E3 Day 1 schedule

Nintendo’s E3 stream

Nintendo’s Twitch Channel

IGN E3 Hub and Stream

Twitch E3 Stream

Twitch Broadcast Schedule

Microsoft’s Twitch Channel

PC’s Twitch Channel

Bethesda’s Twitch Channel

Ubisoft’s Twitch Channel

EA’s Twitch Channel

Squeenix’s Twitch Channel

GT E3 Hub

Spike TV Stream

Gamespot E3 Hub

Gamespot E3 Schedule

Sony Streams:
Sony’s Twitch Channel

Neogaf’s gif thread

Past E3 conference moments**
lol worthy
Konami’s Infamous E3 2010 Conference

Full Conference:

Nintendo’s E3 2008 Conference

Full Conference:

Sony’s E3 2006 Conference

Full Conference:

Microsoft’s E3 2010 Conference

  Microsoft's E3 2010 Conference Highlights

  Microsoft E3 2010 - Skittles....

  Admittedly this one isn't so much bad since it actually does a pretty good job as a demonstration...that however doesn't prevent it from being awkward and gif worthy.

  Guile Theme Goes with Everything - Dance Central Demonstration

Microsoft’s E3 2011 Conference


Ubisoft E3 2010 Conference - Battle Tag

Ubisoft E3 2009 Conference - James Cameron talks about Avatar: The Game for what seems like forever…and doesn’t show one screenshot or any footage

Ubisoft E3 2011 Conference - Mr. Caffeine

To be fair…Ubisoft’s conference that year isn’t that bad considering the content…but DOODLY DOODLY DOODLY DOO brought it down a few notches.

Mr. Caffeine Metal Remix

Microsoft E3 2012 - Usher whips out a concert for Dance Central 3 out of nowhere

The game shows up about a bit 3/4 of the way through the performance and at first it seems like he’s finally demonstrating it…but then you realize the truth lol.

Microsoft E3 2009 - Kudo tries to be cool and show off Project Natal but ends up accidentally showing that the device isn’t where it needs to be

Activision E3 2007 Conference - Jamie Kennedy

what was jamie thinking!?

Peggle 2’s awkward announcement during Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference

Sony Announces AT&T as Vita’s 3G service provider

Disney tries to hype High School Musical Sing It @ E3 2007


Sony curb stomps Microsoft’s conference at E3 2013 with No DRM

Twilight Princess reveal @ Nintendo’s E3 2004 conference

Killer Instinct’s reveal for the Xbox One @ Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference

Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s shift to XV and next Gen along with KH3’s first reveal at Sony’s pre-E3 2013 PS4 conference




Gamescom 2015 press conferences

Microsoft: August 4 - 7am PT/ 10am ET / 3pm UK / August 5 - 12am AET
EA: August 5 - 1am PT / 4am ET / 9am UK / 6pm AET
Call of Duty: August 5 - 10am PT/ 1pm ET / 6pm UK / August 6 - 3am AET
Blizzard: August 6 - 9am PT/ 12pm ET / 5pm UK / August 7 - 2am AET

IGN has their hub for gamescom here.

Gamespot Hub

and Microsoft stream

GT Hub

**Tokyo Game Show 2015


Playstation Conference: 12 AM PT/ 3 AM ET
Stream will available on the Japanese Playstation Blog:


Welcome to the new E3 thread guys. Still need to add some stuff here and there but this is the beginning. What are you guys looking forward too this year and what are your expectations? Sound off below!

Get hype!!

I have literally no expectations save for Kamiya and eagerly await watching everyone fall flat on their faces.

cue up the "Where are all the video games gif

More Amiibo dammit!!

Seriously just more amiibo news from Nintendo, atm no games aside DMC4:SE has me excited. So we will see what surprises we get :open_mouth:

Best part about E3 last year was ogling at the Ninbimbos. Goddamn those booth bitches were the final forms of Disney Christian girls.

Man… TJ Combo was still in beta, big Smash 4 tourney, Bayonetta 2 playable demo, Dead Rising HDR Ex + @ etc, Evolve demo, and no one played The Order even then… felt like fucking yesterday to me

I await more awesome and exciting news from Konami.



Yo, watching the 2013 FFXV trailer again totally re-hyped me up! I don’t give a shit what anyone says, no game incites the level of emotion in me that some Japanese games do.

I REALLY want XV to be good…

…Well, good thing is P5 is coming and I know that is going to be fucking crazy awesome, even if XV ends up not.

Mankind Divided, Mirror’s Edge 2, Persona 5, Battlefront (kinda)…

It’s been a while since an E3’s arrived where there were things I was actually looking forward to seeing.

Hype for that Bloody Roar 5 reveal!

I wanna see Scalebound and Devil’s Third the most.

I’m hoping Valhalla Studios can turn it around and come out with an awesome action game. Itagaki and crew need to come back so the trifecta of action gaming can be, once more.

If something can come out of left field, I’m all for that too.

This is the year of Shenmue 3!!

countdown to my live status updates and losing 2/3s of my friendslist lol.

Black dude reminds of a character I’d see in Crying Freeman. I need more POWER polish.


I expect to see this comment again the same time next year.

I’m hoping for more Star Ocean 5 details, Persona 5 stuff, StarFox U, SF5 character reveals, SMT x FE details, and maybe a Xenoblade X release date.

Add a new Rival Schools game to my “wishful thinking” category.

It was teased for years and finally shown last year. It’s coming for sure this time.


My body is ready!

Don’t you start…I will turn this hype car right back around, young man.