Video Game General 3.0 - You know what should come back? Pre-rendered backgrounds!

As I’ve talked about in the KOFXIV thread and as I’ve shown with shot by shot comparisons between SF4 and KOFXIV, KOFXIV will look better then SF4. It probably won’t hold up well to SFV,MKX or T7 but at the very least it will look next gen even if it’s on the lower margin of it.

Well gee-willikers I sure hope it looks better than a game that came out 7 years ago.

Reminds me that I need to go check and see if Final Fantasy 15 will be 3D or not. I think the last 14 used sprites.

I’m not saying it’s ideal however given there are people legitimately claiming the game is PS2 era as far as graphics go, I’m just correcting them in at least being honest and accurate with their criticism. It’s a valid enough to point to say KOFXIV isn’t the best looking game, it’s quite another to exaggerate that point and say it’s a PS2 game.

The very first trailer had me thinking “This looks like a PS2 game, lol” and that’s coming from someone who thinks people over exaggerate the PS2’s capabilities.

SFIV looked bad from the start.

Then it was Ki Shima. I always get you two mixed up, and I don’t know why :confused:

Started Wolfenstein The New Order earlier today. I’m not sure what it is about that game but I get really motion sick while playing it. Plus I just think it’s kind of slow and a little boring at times. The new Doom looks way more interesting.

Guys like complaining about bad gaming crowd funding?

The COLECO Chameleon Prototype is a fucking scam.

Ignoring the fact the are reusing the Atari Jaguar molds, at the fucking NY Toy Fair they had a empty Jaguar shell with a SNES Mini jammed in, as the back was sticking out (to make the cart slots line up) they electric tape the back, SNES controllers sticking right out of the front with a Jaguar cart shell taped to the front SNES flash cart board.

Here is a photo of the thing, yopu can see the SNES gray plastic sticking though the Electrical tape.

And no Power LED and No working ON/Off switch or Power Button, even if you are doing a scam, they are lazy stupid scammers that can’t do simple electrical wiring.

I rather buy a Xbox One than this bull shit.

Play it for more than an hour.

If you get motion sick playing a locked 60 FPS shootbang game on console, I can’t imagine how you felt playing > 30 FPS shootbang games last-gen with even smaller FOV’s and lower resolutions.

Probably going to never crowdfund anything ever again.

Too many scams, even from known people.

I don’t crowd fund anything precisely for things like the Colecovision scam. I didn’t even crowdfund the new River City Ransom game, and I’m super hype for it.

But it’s my understanding that they don’t have Kickstarter yet. Hopefully it won’t even get that far now.

Pretty impressive KOF 14 has 50 fighters, but…

USF4 has a character count that’s nearly the same size (40~ or so), it’s running on an engine made in 2007, and it still looks better than KOF 14.

Peasant sickness.
Ascending to 60fps gives vertigo.

To their defense, their vanilla version comes with 50 fighters. Vanilla SF4 had 18 at launch. 24 console.

Speaking of the looks, I hope SF5 updates character models in the future since all they need to do is patch things.

bought a X1 cause it came with a $100 bestbuy gift card lol

KOFXIV already looks better then SF4. The initial teaser was straight outta PS2 as far as graphics go, however the recent trailers and screenshots that aren’t from compressed YouTube videos show that the graphics are definitely above SF4. It has far better detail and quality on clothing textures and the skin looks better. The 3D models are better looking too and in a direct shot by shot comparisons it’s pretty clear which one is better.

Well someone needs to have his eyes checked I don’t remember Ps2 games looking that sharp.

All this bitching about the graphics is just getting old.

KOFXIV WILL SELL, it will surpass KOF XIII by alot, mark my words.

Okay, I’ll pretend that you legitimately never heard of SFV. You live in some sort of bubble where you were just not exposed to that information. That is odd, really odd.
You know that there is going to be a Shenmue 3, but not a SFV? Okay.


I have seen you hype over KOFXIV, how could you have not heard that there was going to be SFV?

Relax dude, I just seen the commercial 2 days ago, now I know about it.
Why would I know about an upcomin’ title from a company I can give two shits about anyway, that’s like me knowing about Kim Kardashain’s next big move. I donated all the fucks I had to charity, bruh. If I had seen some SFV advertisements in the past I must’ve forgot, cuz again, 3rd generation don’t give a fuck.

I’m hyped for the new KOF, but where the Hell are these extraordinary trailers and videos you talkin’? From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t look superior to SFIV.

It does I did direct shot by shot comparisons. The graphical superiority is especially present when you look at screen shots that don’t come from the YouTube trailers. Again it’s not ideal that it’s only going to be better looking then SF4 but meh, better then nothing and if it plays well (which a lot of people who have played it says it does) then that’s all that counts.

I played the game at the Playstation Experience back in the December. It might have been an older build but the game still looked like shit to me. The game looks the same as it does in trailers. Worse, since you don’t have any fancy editing.

Poken dev interview. I’ll also post in the wii u thread