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As of me typing this we are just a little over month away from E3 this year…so let’s get the hype train going.

Official Website:

Date: E3 will officially be going on from June 14th to June 16th this year. Of course this doesn’t include what any other conferences that may happen before these days. Dates for conferences and events will be placed below.


Rumor Mill(on going progress up until the end of the conferences)

The Crash Bandicoot rumor that won’t die:
There’s this thing that keeps popping up but never fully shows -

As of currently though the news is that Sony revealed that Activision still owns the rights -

Take note though that while Boyes does say that the rights do belong to Activision…he doesn’t say that a new Crash isn’t coming in some capacity. As unlikely as it is if it were to be made it’d be a partnership with Activision. That’d be an interesting surprise…again though it’d be highly unlikely.

Updated iterations of current hardware:
There’s been some reports of a ‘PS4K’ and ‘Xbox 1.5’ floating around -

There’s a lot more info floating around about PS4K than Xbox 1.5 at the moment…most of the information is pretty convincing on PS4K while Xbox 1.5 recently had this show up -

PS4K seems pretty likely at the moment.

Mother 3 western release?:
There’s been a lot of talk about this game and the lamentations over it never having reached the states. It’s only been in the recent months that the rumors about this game finally getting localized over have been starting to get pretty intense.

I’d like to think that they’d finally announce this game coming over at E3 but Nintendo seems intent on showing mostly Zelda at the conference. It may still happen but I’m not expecting it during E3 week.

Devil May Cry 5:
Something that action fans have been waiting for some time for. Rumors about this game haven’t been really big considering Capcom seems really iffy on the franchise at the moment and arguably trying to sabotage interest in through their choices of making DMC 4 available to the west. What makes things interesting is this

Very interesting that these 2 are doing motion capture together again. That would reeeeally suck if it was just for that dumb Devil May Cry X pachinko

God of War 4:
There’s been small rumblings of this happening here and there along with a semi official confirmation. It’s almost not even a rumor at this point what with the leaked concept art.

Main Conferences: Conference dates and times will be placed here as I become aware of them

EA: Sunday June 12th @ 1:00 PM PT/ 4:00 PM ET
Bethesda: Sunday June 12th @ 7:00 PM PT / 10:00 PM ET
Microsoft: Monday June 13th @ 9:30 AM PT/ 12:30 PM ET
PC: Monday June 13th @ 12:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM ET
Ubisoft: Monday June 13th @ 1:00 PM PT/ 4 PM ET Preshow begins 30 min before
Sony: Monday June 13th 6:00 PM PT/ 9:00 PM ET
Ninten-err…Zelda?: Tuesday June 14th @ 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET
Square Enix: TBA

Other Events: Any other major events not directly tied to a main conference like tournaments I will place here as I am made aware of them.

Microsoft: They will be doing streaming of games throughout most of the event on Xbox Daily

Nintendo: uhh…hope you like Zelda because thaaat’s pretty much what they’ll be streaming for most of the show from what I understand.

Kodakawa Games: Sooo these guys are holding a press event for E3 but it’s gonna be in Tokyo. The conference will not be streamed but it will be happening Monday June 13th 1:30 JST (which apparently is June 12th for the US @ 930 PM in the US…doesn’t say ET or PT though so gonna have to figure out the time exact for this one) (US Local Times for Kodakawa Games conference: June 12 at 9:00 p.m. PDT / June 13 at 12:00 a.m. EDT)

E3 bets
Something that started last year…unknown if any SRKers are gonna put their chips on the table again this go round.



Youtube E3 Channel

Youtube E3 hub

Nintendo’s E3 stream

Nintendo’s Twitch Channel

IGN E3 Hub and Stream

Twitch E3 Stream

Twitch Broadcast Schedule

Microsoft’s Twitch Channel

PC’s Twitch Channel
Watch live video from pcgamer on

Bethesda’s Twitch Channel

Ubisoft’s Twitch Channel

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Gamespot E3 Hub

Gamespot E3 Schedule

pours alcohol on the ground for GT

Sony Streams:
Sony’s Twitch Channel
Watch live video from playstation on

Neogaf’s gif thread

Last year’s gif thread

Past E3 conference moments
lol worthy


Konami’s Infamous E3 2010 Conference

Full Conference:

Nintendo’s E3 2008 Conference

Full Conference:

Sony’s E3 2006 Conference

Full Conference:

Microsoft’s E3 2010 Conference

Microsoft’s E3 2010 Conference Highlights

Microsoft E3 2010 - Skittles…

Admittedly this one isn’t so much bad since it actually does a pretty good job as a demonstration…that however doesn’t prevent it from being awkward and gif worthy.

Guile Theme Goes with Everything - Dance Central Demonstration

Microsoft’s E3 2011 Conference


Ubisoft E3 2010 Conference - Battle Tag

Ubisoft E3 2009 Conference - James Cameron talks about Avatar: The Game for what seems like forever…and doesn’t show one screenshot or any footage

Ubisoft E3 2011 Conference - Mr. Caffeine

To be fair…Ubisoft’s conference that year isn’t that bad considering the content…but DOODLY DOODLY DOODLY DOO brought it down a few notches.

Mr. Caffeine Metal Remix

Microsoft E3 2012 - Usher whips out a concert for Dance Central 3 out of nowhere

The game shows up about a bit 3/4 of the way through the performance and at first it seems like he’s finally demonstrating it…but then you realize the truth lol.

Microsoft E3 2009 - Kudo tries to be cool and show off Project Natal but ends up accidentally showing that the device isn’t where it needs to be

Activision E3 2007 Conference - Jamie Kennedy

what was jamie thinking!?

Peggle 2’s awkward announcement during Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference

Sony Announces AT&T as Vita’s 3G service provider

Disney tries to hype High School Musical Sing It @ E3 2007



Sony curb stomps Microsoft’s conference at E3 2013 with No DRM

Twilight Princess reveal @ Nintendo’s E3 2004 conference

Killer Instinct’s reveal for the Xbox One @ Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference

Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s shift to XV and next Gen along with KH3’s first reveal at Sony’s pre-E3 2013 PS4 conference

Sony drops bombs during their E3 2015 conference

Final Fantasy 7R announcement reaction

Shemue 3 E3 2015 announcement reaction

Last Guardian isn’t dead

Bonus: GT’s reactions

Video Game General 3.0 - You know what should come back? Pre-rendered backgrounds!
Video Game General 2.0: Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Remasters And Ports

Choo Choo!


Need that ps4.5 release date.


MVC4 or I don’t care.


So what are you guys looking forward too? How do you think the conferences will fair?

Games I’m looking forward to seeing personally: Zelda Wii U, Horizon Zero Dawn, Gears 4, KH 3, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy 7R, hopefully seeing something on Watch Dogs 2, Hopefully maybe an Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement, I want Shadows of Mordor 2 pretty badly, and I’m also pretty curious to see if Capcom will announce Resident Evil 7 or not and if they’ve learned their lesson yet.


I’m looking forward to any Resident Evil announcements. Formal announcement for RE7, a teaser for the RE2 remake and other RE projects they might have planned. A US date for Persona 5 would be fantastic.


Abstaining from all E3 questions and just going to sit back and enjoy the show.

I look forward to the many Rowlet and Joker gifs I will be using in the future.


KH3, FF7R, RE7


The third Ace Attorney 6 trailer


Honestly don’t know jackshit whats going on for this year E3, but I guess I’ll try & see any new games I haven’t heard of yet :confused:


Never messed with Discord so I’m looking into it now so I can get familiar with it. If you can make the channel I’d appreciate it.


Mother 3 stateside. Release dates for Dragon Quest 7 3D and DQ8 3D. More info on Pokemon Sun/Moon. Though I doubt none of those will be announced because Nintendo is going to keep Nintendo’ing. CUZ WE NO U LIEK ZELDARU

Release dates for Last Guardian, KH Prologue 2.8 or whatever dumb shit they’re calling it, release date for KH3

Release date for PS4K or at least a slew of info on it.

That’s honestly it really.





That’s the Holy Trinity of E3 2016.

Looking forward to more info on Shenmue 3, NI-OH, Nier and PSVR.

There’s an indie run-n-gun on the Wii U that uses the wiimote+nunchaku that I forgot the name of >_< Looked awesome, though. Interested to see the fallout from PS4K and Xbone 1.5 if those are true.

Pretty pumped for this year!


Shenmue 3
Persona 5

That’s all i want and need in life.


Give me a Jet Set Radio sequel or give me death!

(not really on the latter part :P)


Give me a Persona 5 NA Release Date…or a bran muffin!


Excited for all the games that will look nothing like they do on their release date.


i’m sure nintendo will have a surprise or two up their sleeve.
nothing is gonna top last year though.


Pretty sure Nintendo is just betting Zeruda this year.

Persona 5 and Zeruda info for me. Also Last Guardian.


Besides a Tekken 7 release date, I think you all know what I really want to see.