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Give me a Jet Set Radio sequel or give me death!

(not really on the latter part :P)


Give me a Persona 5 NA Release Date…or a bran muffin!


Excited for all the games that will look nothing like they do on their release date.


i’m sure nintendo will have a surprise or two up their sleeve.
nothing is gonna top last year though.


Pretty sure Nintendo is just betting Zeruda this year.

Persona 5 and Zeruda info for me. Also Last Guardian.


Besides a Tekken 7 release date, I think you all know what I really want to see.


Y’all nintendo niggas gonna be salty as fuck


I’m sure Nintendo will provide plenty of Federation Force footage to keep your mouth watering.


can’t wait to see the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. The game looks gorgeous and all the small details like fire balls leaving embers and wind spells bending the grass just blow me away. ive never seen a cartoony game with this high of production values before.

now If only they could just fix their dam faces to look like their old selves again.


Last year was pretty terrible. 2014 was GDLK though. A lot of excitement despite the inevitable. 2015 just confirmed the inevitable :confused:


Hoping a new Wolfenstein by MachineGames gets announced. Supposedly a sequel is in development…I’m hoping it is.


is there any way those YT clips could be put in spoiler tags? Scrolling on a phone is like scrolling through a jimmy1200 post, but even longer?

Thanks in advance.


Just give me a pc release of FFXV, FFXII, or all disgaea ganes.


Good to see the PC Gaming Show is back this year. But hopefully they change up the format and talk more about the good stuff. They made a big mistake turning it into a Saturday Night talkshow, jesus christ what a fucking borefest it was

Nintendo’s lack of even a proper E3 Direct this year is worrying… What, don’t tell me they’re betting on Zelda WiiU entirely right now? Although perhaps every other studio is busy with developing for the NX

The annual Sony vs Microsoft battle this year is going to be interesting to say the least. There are rumors about upgrades for both Xbox One and PS4, whoever makes the first step gets all the tomatoes from the crowd. Not expecting much in terms of games but some new Horizon: Zero Dawn and ReCore gameplay showcases would be cool. I’m especially interested in ReCore because…well we don’t know pretty much anything about it since MS only showed the trailer last year and that’s it

Excited to see some Mass Effect: Andromeda and Battlefield 1 gameplay at EA’s press-conference, those two will definitely be the highlights of their event

Don’t quite know what Ubisoft has up its sleeves other than Watch Dogs 2 and maybe finally some details on that new Ghost Recon game they announced last year. Like there’s literally have been no new info drops ever since E3 2015 about it!

Square Enix will probably show some Deus Ex gameplay, announce some new DLC for Hitman, show some new gameplay for Project Setsuna and NieR: Automata, and I suppose they’ll repeat the FFXV/FF7R/KH3 footage from other conferences

Konami also got rid of its E3 pre-show completely now… it’s very sad :confused: While their pre-e3 shows from 2013 and 2014 weren’t anything spectacular I still do appreciate the effort to at least make one, they also announced Castlevania 2 back then, that was pretty hype IMO

Bethesda is a total mystery for me this year though. I guess they’ll show gameplay for Dishonored 2 and that’s it. MAYBE a teser for Elder Scrolls VI

SNK, Capcom and Namco might show up at Sony’s press-conference to drop a couple of trailers for KOFXIV, SFV and T7. I expect character reveals from each of them.
Also since now PS4 is the home for Call of Duty franchise - we’ll see the gameplay reveal for Infinite Warfare. No big surprises there

As for HOLY SHIT OMG announcements… Half-Life 3 and Crash Bandicoot dreams still live, however hopeless they might be

Overall I’m pretty excited for E3 like I am every year, it’s like second Christmas for me now




Already fixed that one :triumph:


I want an announcement of Dissidia on PS4 stateside.


Looking forward to just hype all around and the damn PS 4.5 release date.




gonna wish for the same thing for the past 10 years, a new jet set radio and power stone 3