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The dialogue in Mass Effect isn’t always great but it never felt like I was watching adults acting like a bunch of teenagers. Fem Ryder acting like she on Buffy.


Remasters adding things can be touchy depending on what they add or enhance. I didn’t go over well for Modern Warfare Remastered. To be fair they did state it was to be a match of the original. 3 months in they added new things that while didn’t break gameplay, did break what they originally thought.

I liked REmake more than the original RE. Still would wish for REmake2…but capcom will eff it up


Revelations 2 and RE7 shows they still got it when it comes to RE.


I adore Mass Effect 3. But I didn’t play it until all of its DLC was out, so I never got to see the vanilla ending. I got the Extended Cut and walked away very satisfied.


What they need to avoid is remastering recent games. WTF are games like TLoU getting remastered? Save that shit for the older titles people actually remember and want to see realized in a better light. A lot more fighters need remasters while we’re at it, or at least HD rereleases.


I’m fine with remasters if the games are 10 years old or more. Games get forgotten over time, so re-releasing them is a good way to reintroduce them to the newer generation as well as people who want to replay those games again but improved.


The Last of Us was released a few months before the PS4 launched. It probably had a port waiting before it was released on PS3.


The problem was calling it a remaster instead of just an enhanced port or something like that.


I believe that any games with a decent following at least 2 generations old should receive a port at the very worst, so people who haven’t experienced them can play themselves. Some people, like myself, switch consoles between generations so it’s a good way to help stragglers. Just don’t charge full price for them unless they’re legitimate remasters that add a lot of stuff.


I need a Bloody Roar HD Collection so we could get a Bloody Roar 5 :sad:


I just want a Mark of Kri/Rise of the Kasai dual HD remaster with a sequel on the horizon.



Yea Mark of Kri was fuckin cool. Picked both of those up for my PS2 last year. Was impossible to play on my HDTV tho, was impossible to see anything. Gotta dig out the CRT.


I’d have never played TLoU if not for the remaster.


Mass Effect Andromeda reviews are tumbling out, currently sitting at a 75 on both Metacritic and Opencritic out of 27 and 41 (+ 5 unscored) reviews respectively.
Around what I was expecting it to be given to be honest.


I would love to see Yakuza 2-5 get remasters similar to Yakuza 0 for PS4.


Do people here think the “remaster” of FF7 is going to radically change the story?

coughSOMEONE not dyingcough


Well since there were cheats to bring her back in your party, the fact that everyone was mad about it, and also the evidence that she had assets later in the game that were unused such as dialogue, I’d imagine so.


Aerith deserves to die.


Hell no.
I can see them adjusting stuff to fit in better with later FF7 titles (i.e. changing the Zack scenes to more closely fit Crisis Core), but Aerith’s death is a key point in the narrative and one of the most well remembered parts of the series.
It would be like if they remade FF6 but the world didn’t end halfway through the game.


This kind of exists already…!/en-ca/games/the-mark-of-kri/cid=UP9000-CUSA01729_00-SCUS971400000001!/en-ca/games/rise-of-the-kasai/cid=UP9000-CUSA01730_00-SCUS974160000001