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The story probably won’t change, but they’ve already confirmed it’s not just a “remake” so it’s gonna be a whole new experience altogether.

Like they also said, if you want the original, just play the original.


Not being turned based is one the most disappointing things for me with the FFVII remake. I liked the turn based gameplay and it sucks to see it gone.


I am honestly rather glad they ditched the turn base gameplay.

What I would REALLY like is if it will let you actively switch between party members during fights on the fly.


“Classic” style turn-based gameplay in the style of FF and DQ and the like really just doesn’t cut it anymore in a large majority of cases. They were rarely as deep as its proponents like to claim.

Going forward, more turn-based RPG systems need to take inspiration from the turn-based tactics genre, which lends itself better to having actual strategy and interesting tactical decisions.


Dead Rising 4 will get new DLC called “Frank Rising” released on April 4th

Preview for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Dicusses characters and level design. It takes place a year after Uncharted 4 and Drake won’t make an apperance.

Examu, developers of Arcana Heart turned to crowdfunding to raise money to port Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars!!! to PC with English localization.

Digimon Cyber Sleuth sequel announced.


This is really my only concern regarding the gameplay and it seems like you can so I’m not even that worried about it.

Having regular attacks with magic and specials on cool down sound like it could replicate the feeling while still making the battle feel more active which I would certainly hope is the plan.

I’m honestly excited just to see Cyber Connect making a PvE game again. I really like .hack GU and since then all I’ve seen is poorly balanced spectacle fighters and that Asura movie.


Told you so


I guess they weren’t lying about that new Megaman Cartoon teaser being old because

I guess it’s…better…


Just finished another play through of Hyper Light Drifter- I highly recommend it to anyone who missed it before.


It’s definitely a better design. Now Mega Man’s head is too big for his body.


what the fuck does 52 x 11’ mean? please tell me thats the title of the show so i can laugh at it more.


Alright, before I forget, the winners of that little giveaway I mentioned last week.

The winner of the $60 prize:



The winner of the $40 prize:



The winner of the $20 prize:



If you have a paypal, PM me so I can distribute accordingly.


It’s stylised the same way as the Mega Man text so it probably is


the only hd re-releases I need are

Full SF2 collection
Full SFA collection
Tokyo Xtreme Racer collection
CPS2 Marvel collection (or XSF)
DS Castlevania collection - add option for arranged OST

I have no desire to play anything else older than 360 era.

No changes to graphics in games - only filters. No gameplay changes in either. Added online.

As much as Capccom loves money grabs - I can’t figure out for the life of me why those games haven’t been released since PS2/PS1 era. If only HDR had full CPS2 mode available…


Grandia 2 system would be sweet for FF7 remake.


Arms character introduction trailer. I like this announcer


He looks like Tron, but it’s not that bad. What irks me is the title. Looks like ass.


[quote=“Hawkingbird, post:21791, topic:179716”]

Arms character introduction trailer. I like this announcer


Ribbon Girl and Mechanica are too cute.


And people wonder why I spent so much on RGB cables, switchers and upscallers.
The difference is being able to play that very PS2 game on a HDTV or not.

It’s also when someone wants to play a Retro console on a HD TV and buys the $2 AV cable, I tell them it is simply not good enough.


This is very true. Old man gaming needs specific setups to work right on modern HDTVs.