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Alright, before I forget, the winners of that little giveaway I mentioned last week.

The winner of the $60 prize:



The winner of the $40 prize:



The winner of the $20 prize:



If you have a paypal, PM me so I can distribute accordingly.


It’s stylised the same way as the Mega Man text so it probably is


the only hd re-releases I need are

Full SF2 collection
Full SFA collection
Tokyo Xtreme Racer collection
CPS2 Marvel collection (or XSF)
DS Castlevania collection - add option for arranged OST

I have no desire to play anything else older than 360 era.

No changes to graphics in games - only filters. No gameplay changes in either. Added online.

As much as Capccom loves money grabs - I can’t figure out for the life of me why those games haven’t been released since PS2/PS1 era. If only HDR had full CPS2 mode available…


Grandia 2 system would be sweet for FF7 remake.


Arms character introduction trailer. I like this announcer


He looks like Tron, but it’s not that bad. What irks me is the title. Looks like ass.


[quote=“Hawkingbird, post:21791, topic:179716”]

Arms character introduction trailer. I like this announcer


Ribbon Girl and Mechanica are too cute.


And people wonder why I spent so much on RGB cables, switchers and upscallers.
The difference is being able to play that very PS2 game on a HDTV or not.

It’s also when someone wants to play a Retro console on a HD TV and buys the $2 AV cable, I tell them it is simply not good enough.


This is very true. Old man gaming needs specific setups to work right on modern HDTVs.



just got back from getting mea. got lists of the preorders, ps4 is 2 pages and xb1 1 page.

Im just wondering why and how is that possible? I dont want to play anything thats not a fighter on ps4. gaaaaay


Xbone was DoA when M$ tried to push the console as a DRM machine and forcing a camera most people didn’t want. It doesn’t help the Xbone doesn’t have strong first party games.


Every xb1 game I want is a 360 game.


The only notable game that we know of retail exclusive wise that’s probably coming out this year for Xbone is Sea of Thieves. I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Actually I just did…maybe Crackdown 3?


Microsoft got cocky and felt they can do no wrong and the whole DRM thing burned more bridges that Microsoft could afford to lose.
XB1’s DRM where you always have to be online and individual game discs have a unique code that only works for the console it was registered for.
Also the day after the announcement, Sony had their own announcement saying you are free to share your game discs and they are not making always on a requirement for gaming.
Although individual publishers could still bring in their own Always online DRM package.

This was all before E2 of 2013. And Microsoft has yet to gain that ground back. Most people I spoke who work game retail told me PS4 tends to sell well, while Xbone stays in the backroom for months at a time.
Unless the Console as Limited edition version or bundled with a hot game, skus for consoles don’t sell for MS.





You know who needs to be in Injustice 2 just because he kicks ass,
Alfred J. Pennyworth

Here is the reason why, from the Injustice Comic Book. Alfred kicks Supes so hard his shoe exploded.


There was a time when Alfred would be a secret character. Maybe you’d unlock him after beating the game with every other bat family character.
But secret characters aren’t a thing anymore. Now we live in a world where the best you can do is hope that you won’t have to buy each season pass consecutively before you are allowed the privilege of playing a character. The terrorists won.


just compare current Rare to current Naughty Dog and that should give you your answer.


Tell the full story… Alfred was hopped up on some drug that puts you on par with Supes, and Superman himself was somewhat weakened from boxing with the entire Green Lantern Corps, including Mogo, the Guardians, and a few other heavyweights.

But it was still a badass Alfred moment.


more news on the rumored Switch pokemon game