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Does free DLC fanservice costumes fall under bad DLC?


Does DLC you’ve never touched and never will touch also fall under “bad DLC”?


So the wii costumes were good dlc and the cats are bad?


Cats were free, btw…


I want to agree with this, and it isn’t our other disagreements that get in the way.
I feel you may as well argue with a wall when were referring to Po.


Yes they fucking do, when they come from dead franchises that the companies intend to never touch again, and have spent recent years trolling and belittling the fans of those franchises with bad games and shitty cameos/teases.

As a Metroid fan, Martian should know better… The goddamn Mii costumes aren’t required for shit. You buy them because you want them.


There’s TWO versions of Samus, for fucks sake…


Dude, it’s fanservice. It’s not a malicious act for the purposes of trolling you. How can you even look at it that way? It doesn’t matter to me if a company doesn’t intend to do anything with that franchise. It’s nice to know it hasn’t been forgotten and stuff like this keeps it in the public memory.


Because the outfit isn’t on the main character, and is instead on worthless side characters (his thoughts probably, not mine); ergo it’s insulting. Even though if he actually played Monster Hunter he’d probably think differently on the matter…

Only Po could think that free fanservice DLC is bad DLC.


It’s insulting because Capcpom continually shits on MM, then trots out some bullshit ass costume or some other crap to lure in MM fans, when they have no intention of doing anything right with the actual franchise.

How would you like it if Federation Force was the future of Metroid from here on out?

It’s only fanservice when you service your fans, not troll and insult them… But I’m wasting my time, since we got fuckheads that can’t see anything wrong with DmC either…


The thing about game companies, is they have cameras and microphones EVERYWHERE in your house. As soon as they find out what your favorite game is, or what you would like, they gather in their underground lairs and come out with incredibly passive aggressive ways of ruining your life. It is all game to them, a sick, fetish driven sex game with VR support.


I’m not the one to ask, I don’t care about Metroid and thought Federation Force looked fine :razz:


I’m a bit late to the party regarding the collectors edition. Gamestop screwed me over. I had placed a, what they call, a “click & collect” and i paid them 5€ doing so.
I thought forsure i would be guaranteed to get the take your heart edition but they called me near release saying it’s all gone and stuff like that. I have yet to ask them back for the 5€ and last time i heard my “reservation” still stands if by some miracle they would get another one in.

Now i managed to pick one up from some other place. The steelbook i got from the same place but on the releaseday.

Long story short : Gamestop is utter shyte & it’s a good time 2 be alive & play JRPGs


Why aren’t you more upset about Mega Man in Smash? Guest characters in games is a form of fanservice.


I feel like Po would’ve disintegrated by now if he was Sega fan.


Free DLC = bad DLC…huh…learn something new everyday.


Metroid fans laugh at a Mega Man fan’s pain. Go play one of your 25 good games, while Metroid fans get like…8 to pick from. Maybe. :expressionless:


I used to play Virtua Fighter.

And no, Sonichuman… Free DLC does not automatically= bad. It’s bad in this case because of the way Konami pisses over it’s legacy, the same way Capcpom loves fucking with Mega Man fans.


This is literally the only good post on this thread and I hate persona 5: pancake edition


Free dlc = good dlc. Idgaf if it’s just a costume. It’s fucking free.


CoD heading back to it’s roots. Call of Duty: WWII has been officially revealed. There will be a stream on Wednesday showing the game