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Yeah, then Nintendo started it and he had to change his tune.


I really wish you motherfuckers would read…


And I wish you’d quit being a twat and would try good games instead of turning them down over petty bullshit.


Ironic, coming from the guy that won’t try Horizon.

Insert weak ass “go play Dark Souls” comment here


Why dont you play Souls anyway? Don’t you even own Dark Souls 1? I’ll Co-OP with you fool.


You all suck. Video games are dead, and nintendo killed them.




Po…the dlc is free. Nobody is paying for it. I can’t understand this logic. At most free dlc can be meh. Your belief that it pisses over legacy of things is subjective and we’ve done this song and dance before especially when it comes to MH which completely blows my mind. It’s not harming any of those respective franchisea that get a small shout out in a different game especially when you aren’t paying for it. Hell it could be considered a tiny bit of advertising since there could be bomberman fans who might get just slightly more interested in a franchise through pure curiousity over a character. It worked for Fire Emblem didn’t it?


Well maybe they should not have yearly releases then. The series did better when they didn’t have a release every year.
Also the CoD fan base was never keen on the whole Sci-fi thing to begin with.

Modern Warfare was one thing, COD fans wants Boots on the Ground action. If they wanted Sci fi they would play Kill Zone, Halo, Gears of War, Titan Fall, Destiny, and so on.
The series got stale as it got caught in that “Madden” Trap of yearly releases. There more to boots on the ground than World War II, and COD really didn’t put the effort.
how many conflicts taken place since WWII and COD didn’t even touch on it. They canceled Call of Duty: Vietnam and Call of Duty: Roman Wars.
The Black Ops sub series touched on the Cold war, but that’s it.


Also in other news

Got tooslowed by Hawkingbird



You are not gonna see him shit on Horizon. If there’s no interest he’ll leave it at that.


Yeah I give LW that, if he lacks interest in the series, he leaves it alone


Ok. For the last time… All of you fucking READ:

Fanservice DLC like those cats dressed as Mega Man work WHEN THERE IS ACTUALLY A PRODUCT STARRING THE CHARACTER IN QUESTION that’s not a million years old or forthcoming that isn’t some bullshit.

Putting Fire Emblem characters in other games is fine, because there’s a goddamned Fire Emblem release everytime you turn your head… and get this, they’re actually GOOD GAMES, not some horrid abominations dumbed down for the Teen Titans GO set, or stripped of everything that made them beloved and memorable in the first place.

There ain’t no CV games coming, ain’t no Mega Man, ain’t no Silent Hill… Them shits are dead, because the people that made them what they were have been shown the door by the inept, greedy corporations that own the IPs.

It’s fucking trolling… Petty, spiteful trolling.


The series doing better without yearly releases is actually not true. CoD never really got any respect until MW1, until then it was just seen as an inferior WWII FPS in comparison to Counterstrike or Battlefield. And the yearly releases started immediately after that.

Also it being a yearly release is also a misconception. Yes, a new CoD game is released every year but it was in a 2 (and now 3) year development cycle because unlike the people behind Madden or Assassin’s Creed, they at least had the foresight of having different developers work on separate CoD games.

The yearly releases, hell even the lack of the Boots on the Ground gameplay aren’t the issues with CoD right now. Overreliance on Supply Drops is the absolute biggest issue as it’s also fucking with the balance of the game among other things.


You really think a greedy corporation is interested in wasting money on trolling? No, if they’re doing stuff like that it’s for money. I don’t think any publishers actually trolls people. The closest thing to that is like, review embargos.


We’re telling you that’s a dumb position to take. Are these characters suppose just vanish into the ether because there’s no plan to bring back their games? Fuck that! This kind of thing can help generate or maintain interest in a series. We haven’t had a Darkstalkers game in 20 years but the series sticks to people’s minds with the characters making cameos and appearances in crossovers. We may never get another Klonoa game but I won’t mind seeing the guy as a stuffed animal in a Tales game, appear as an accessory in the customization mode in Tekken or as a decal in Ace Combat. He’ll still be around.

Fire Emblem characters apply since no one in the US knew who the fuck they were in the US before Marth and Roy appeared in Melee and created a demand.


As a guy who still plays the series, space wasn’t a bad setting…it was everything else that made it suck. Of the last 3 games that used a future setting, Black Ops 3 was the best uet had the worst RNG system. Oddly enough, Infinite Warfare was the worst overall yet has the best RNG system in the series.

New game means the CoD cycle begins…FYI it’s similar to the Sonic cycle.


Just because a franchise is old doesn’t entitle it to continue with new entries. Put things in respective and realize most works don’t even make it to a 5-year anniversary, let alone 30. Twenty-five Mega Man games or eight Metroids is more than enough, really.

There’s always new stuff to enjoy; no need to constantly cling to the past.


Really? I see enemies reeling back after being hit with heavy weapons it’s only the smaller, faster weapons like the dual bladed arms that enemies don’t have crunchy hit reactions to which makes sense. Hell one of the complaints people have so far including myself is the dumb forced slow motion fatality animations on enemies.

I’m surprised Lords of the Fallen sold well enough for Deck13 to be able to make a new big budget IP…or is this a AA game like Demon’s Souls and the upcoming Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice?

I’m curious what reviews for The Surge will be like and how it’ll sell.


Anyone here still play rocket league? How TF do you get good at this game?