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Mighty No. Scam will release before that happens.


When you buy Mighty #9 and like it I’m having LW pick your avatar for the same amount of time M#9 got delayed.


Ain’t gonna happen, homie.


Oh yeah, I want more on Azure Striker 2.


Bring the crazy chick back.


This nigga po pimpus here, denying that he donated $10000 to get the dinner with his one true love Inafune.


I just want a Persona 5, Yakuza 0, and Scalebound release dates.

In terms of rumored shit I would like to see a DMC 5.

Idk i dont have much to realistically hope for. So maybe this year will be a surprise year


That Resident Evil 2 remake…

Ass Creed after a year off could be interesting tbh.


The thing about the Resident Evil 2 Remake is that depending on how the Tyrant thing goes, the idea of implementing Nemesis in a Resident Evil 3 Remake is just awesome to think on.


Nemesis in RE3 Remake would be insane…well it depends. If REmake3 is just gonna be more or less same game, new visuals and etc. But still have that old school horror style stuff, then the Nemesis shit would be familiar.

But say if it was more along the line of a RE4/Revelations then shiiiet that shit would be SCARY as fuck having Nemesis jump outta nowhere yelling out STARS.

I remember one night me and a homie were chillin and he was playing RE3. He entered a room, and mind you this room was smallish, and seemed like a safe room and all of a sudden Nemesis just runs up and you don’t see him until it’s too late due to the pre rendered background shit lol and my friend literally screamed in fear and paused the game and shielded his face from the tv. Lmaooo


If we get a DMC5 I don’t see a reason for Scalebound anymore considering it’s basically DMC4 with an akward dragon buddy system.


Zelda U is the only game that matters.

…though technically we can’t really call it Zelda “U” anymore, can we.

But there’s too many good avs to choose from!

Speaking of which…are there gonna be any E3 bets this year? I see SH included that in the OP…


The PS4.5 will be the most interesting announcement. I’m really curious to see how people react to it.


Mixed to indifferent. Especially if, unlike the N3DS, there aren’t any games exclusive to the upgrade.


The reaction will depend on how Sony handles it and if they put up some type of upgrade program. You can expect the normal deals from the gamestop or whatever but if Sony themselves has something in the pipeline then it could be great.

I don’t think it will blow the masses away though, A system that just may make some games slightly better doesn’t do much, especially if those benefits won’t be apparent in every game.


If there is going to be exclusives it sure as isn’t going to be anytime soon so yeah could not careless either.


Massive booing across the venue and the most embarrassing moment in Sony’s history


Song made it mandate that no games will be exclusive to the PS4.5. They don’t want to spilt the community.


i’m curious about the NX more than anything else,mostly because Nintendo has been screwing up so much
in recent times you’d think they are on Sega’s path to glory (†).

Wonder if the NX will be able to restore some faith.

As for ps4.5 i’ll probably upgrade later on if i see that there are noticeable differences in how ps4 games run.
edit : which i very much doubt , btw.


No NX announcement at E3 according to Nintendo


Why is anyone expecting anything from them for E3? Even if they were doing anything it would be in a Direct stream.