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I kind of agree. Asking for refund for a game like this after playing for 5 days straight is sort of bitchmade. Just hold the L and move on.


Nintendo 3DS Direct tomorrow at 7AM PST/10AM EST


normaly i would, but not when there are 18 Quintilian planets and the promise that you can see cool and rare things is the whole objective. how long do you think people waited to see something like what was shown in the trailers and never got it?


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided “Extra digital content”. A skin, extra in-game mission, digital ost sampler, and some digital book.


Not sure what this code is for. Some pre-order thing.


ComiXology free comic:



Bitchmade…maybe…but it’s not theft.


There aren’t 50 hours in a 5 day span…


Lol… Niggas can’t count.


10 hours a day for 5 days is a really long time to only be playing one game


It’s just stealing back what was stolen so I guess it’s reverse theft?

Is that the word you white folks are using now?


Was it actually confirmed someone got a refund with 50hrs of play?

Even if they did, who gives a fuck. If the refund was ok’d who the fuck are you to say anything? :rofl:

And fucking lol at that dumbass saying its art and not a “consumer product in a factory sense”. We mass producing art for purchase? What about selling half finished art, or was that actually its intent? Guess art is a valid excuse to mislead your “customers”.


I have to agree with Phantom Angel
5 times 24 (24 hours a day) = 120

Protip: Windows comes with a calculator

But no one reasonable plays a game for 24 hours a day.

Much more reasonable figures but still that alot of time to be playing on one game, especially with kids about to be starting school soon.
Grown people who work don’t have the time for 10 hour a day gaming.

I think if people really feel the game sucks, they should demand a refund.
Both Amazon and Steam allows for refunds on games.


I don’t need a damn calculator to know there aren’t 50 hours making up a 5 day time period, 48 hours is only two days. I think you guys misunderstood what I meant lol.

Or I worded it badly. One of the two lol.


We got you lol… I think. The quotes make it seem like we’re talking about you, but you’re being quoted cause you pointed it out.


don’t like that you can’t turn off music in BF1 Beta without affecting the game play sounds


Oh come now, admit you screwed up. We saw what you typed, you can’t just say we misunderstood you.
You got on me for less.


Guess not all of us understood… :lol:


Yes I do see some things from Gaf. I find them to be a good source for info and I don’t let the opinions of some people on the site color my opinion of the place as a whole. Plus opinions are opinions…has nothing to do with news really. Half the time I’ll click on a thread on there that’s interesting, read the OP, and then not even bother scrolling down if I really don’t care about what some of the people on the site have to say about it…case in point the thread below. Think I probably went about 2-3 posts down and went ‘meh’ and moved on.

Back when EA was called the worst company in America, Peter Moore made an internal group to look over places like reddit and gaf to find out why

Polygon has opinions about Dead or Alive Extreme 3 in VR, no I’m not really going to post the link but I will however point you to the gaf thread

spoiler alert: It says what you think it probably says about it. I find it funny though that the game doesn’t come out over here and it still ends up getting the article you would expect written about it.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - Games Preview Summer 2016

Batman Arkham VR - Behind the Scenes Video

The Bunker - Announcement Trailer

RIGS Mechanized Combat League - Single Player Trailer

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End - New Devon Multiplayer Map

Final Fantasy XV - World of Wonder Tour of Eos with Noctis

Titanfall 2 - Meet the Titans Official Trailer


Cringe for a few seconds


If you liked the Hyrule Historia then you might want this Zelda art book that’s coming out


I know Po will disagree or lol, but I really want to play Final Fantasy Boy Band edition.

Reminds me of the anime Free. :rofl:


I don’t think I did. Pretty sure my point was pretty obvious. The

If PA got what I meant, the he’ll is your excuse?


I get what you meant to say, but what you actually said was completely different.
And what you said was down right stupid, and you know that.
Don’t play this off as a misunderstanding, admit it you you screwed up.