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Oh remasters and Skylanders… Hype reduced significantly.


Zelda tho


This nigga Link got a tablet, lol.



Hey guys, I finally finished the E3 2016 Recap.

This time I provided timestamp links to the streams from IGN, GameSpot, Giant Bomb, Twitch, and YouTube, as well as listed all the newly announced games in one place

You can check the megathread here -



That shit drops on my gotdamn birthday.

Better believe I’m be at that midnight release my nigga.


fair enough, but my point still stands tech changes and carts might not be such a bad thing from a pure hardware standpoint


Anyone else buy Suikoden 2 and 3 for seven bucks combined?


You sure it’s the same folks?

I was all for neo if it improved vr and raised the frame rate. From the responses I’ve read today that seems not to be the case.


Didn’t I beat your Cammy with Guile though? :rofl:


human eyesight can see far beyond 120hz, 240, 490hz; but it fluctuates and often cares more about certain information hitting the fovea, we can only perceive detail in a central part of our vision, any given millisecond we hold favor for what was in our focal point. this is why people can analyze paintings and why the nature between 60fps and 24fps (real argument) is illusive and a lot more complex than visual motion being relaxing for those who game

actually, 75fps is the frame rate that is best for the minimal comfortability in reaction through our visual senses. 60fps maintains the memory consciousness that 24/30fps cultivates while not sacrificing the reactionary perception. this goes hand in hand with the linearity of game design. future game design may require 75-120fps and who knows what will happen after that

it’s not about what numbers are superior its what numbers support a certain type of consciousness. think what you want about it but that’s the scientific reality of it

oh and by the way 30fps is preferred instead of 24fps for games due to it eliminating the timing disconnect between pressing buttons and feeling the image become effected (response time)


Holy Jesus


Vita buyers guide.
Are you a weeb?
Buy a vita


Axiom Verge is fucking awesome.


Skyrim remastered, it could release alongside the other consoles


Weird. Shit looks like a tiny d-pad.


@LordWilliam1234 Look into Gravity Rush. Saw it at Gspot for 30 bucks yesterday. It’s a unique game with a unique world and style, you might dig it.


[details=Spoiler][details=Spoiler][details=Spoiler][details=Spoiler][details=Spoiler]Whats the difference between an apple and a baby?


I would only get a Pro if you don’t already have a PS4.